How to Fix Apps Stuck on Loading on New iPhone? 2022 Guide

You may be in a position when you got a new iPhone and apps are not downloading. Maybe just stuck on loading, or just waiting on the home screen of your new iPhone. Whenever you try to download a new and free app from Apps Store, you are just unable to do it.

So in this article, I’ll show you how you can fix these apps stuck on loading on your new iPhone issue. So the first thing you need to do is tap on the app. Some of you have already tried this but if the app is still stuck we can move on to the next step.

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Reasons why apps are stuck on loading in your iPhone

There are the following main reasons, why apps are stuck on iPhone, luckily there are no technical problems with your iPhone. But once you know the reason you can also fix it easily.

Airplane mode is on.

  • Very poor internet connection.
  • Not enough space to download the new apps.
  • Troubleshoot the Wi-Fi issue, iPhone needs a good internet connection to download apps like games.

Can I fix apps stuck on loading on my new iPhone?

So you tab on the app and it didn’t open now we know the problem and run into the solution. Some problems are not allowing your apps to download, and install, or they are just stuck on your new iPhone.

Method 1

You can still try the following fixes at home and your iPhone will be as good as new. The first thing you can do is press and hold the power button and volume button. A pop-up will appear saying “slide to power off,” just slide and your iPhone will restart.

Why are apps stuck on loading on my new iPhone?

The reason this is happening to you is that your iPhone is unable to connect with the “App Store” properly. Maybe the background process that downloads the apps is crashed.  

This is the method to fix apps stuck on loading on your new iPhone, let’s move on to the next method to fix your problem.

Do I need to get a new iPhone?

The problem is which apps are either loading or waiting to download, the one waiting remains dimmed, while the one’s loading shows a spinning wheel. This is a very disturbing thing especially when you got a new iPhone, but if the method one does not work. I’ve another method for you.

Method 2

Another thing you need to do is delete a certain app, you delete an app and download the app again, this way you can just try to unstuck it.

You can try to re-download the app from the App Store hopefully this will solve the problem

Method 3

This still your apps are unable to open, there might be another issue. Each app is linked to your Apple ID and sometimes there is something wrong with your ID. You can try “Sign Out” your ID from the App Store and “Sign In” again. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

Another thing you can try is to go to the Apple official site, by clicking here and check if your Apple ID is working or not. Sometimes there is a security question that needs to be answered or you don’t know what the correct password is.

A final method to fix your issue

If you are following the mentioned methods and still unable to load apps on your iPhone, now is the time for the final approach. You can still “reset all settings.”.

Go to your iPhone settings, tap on general, reset and click on reset all settings. This will not delete any of your apps or personal information. It will just fix a lot of iPhone software problems that are difficult to solve.


In this article, you’ve learned how to fix apps stuck on loading on a new iPhone and what are the reasons you face this problem. Now you know about the following 4 methods to fix this issue.

  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Delete and download the app again.
  • Sign out and Sign-in the Apple ID.
  • Reset app settings.

I hope this article was helpful for you and after reading this article, now you know what is causing the apps to stuck and how to fix it.

Pro-tip for you; if you are in a hurry you can just apply method 4, by resetting all settings on your iPhone but I suggest you repeat it everything you face any problem.

So which method was helpful for you? Leave your thought in the comment section. If you have any problems tell us in the comment and hopefully, you get to see the new article regarding your problem.


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