Archived Messages on Facebook and Instagram: Complete Guide

Archived Messages On Facebook: Well, we all have been using social media accounts for a very long time, and with every update, there are always new features to understand. Sometimes Facebook just updates a new feature and sometimes you need to learn about it.

Archived messages on Facebook

“Archived messages on Facebook or Instagram are still one of the strange features on social media and people seem to don’t like it very much. Some people don’t use it very often. That’s because they don’t know what archive messages on Facebook and Instagram work and what is their purpose of it.

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What does archiving a chat do on Facebook and Instagram

The archive chat feature allows you to hide an individual or group chat from your conversation list to better organize your inbox. Archiving a chat does not delete the chat, it simply transfers the chat to another folder. While deleting a conversation permanently remove the message history from your inbox.

What happens when you archived messages on Facebook and Instagram?

Archive individual chat or group chat will be automatically unachieved once you received a new one from that individual or group chat. You can easily archive a text message, voice mail, or any media or file from your inbox. But once you reply to a chat it will automatically unarchive.

Does the other person know of you archive a chat on messenger

For both archiving and deleting a message, when another person messages you, you will receive a pop-up notification as usual. A message will appear in your inbox but the other person will never know about this.

However, if you just archive a chat, the previous messages will still be there but your “Chat List” will be empty.

How to see archived messages on Facebook

You can easily see the archived messages on Facebook messenger, first I’ll explore how to do it on the website. If you go to the Facebook messenger’s homepage and click the circle with the three-dot icon and select “Archived chats.”

The left sidebar will show you all your archived conversations. You can click on any of them to see the full conversation. Now keep in mind that if you reply to any of these conversations. It will automatically move the conversation to your chatbox.

If you want to unarchive a chat, you can repeat the process by clicking on the three-dot icon of the particular person and clicking “unarchive chat.”

You can also use this feature on “The messenger app,” once you open the app. Click on your profile picture and you will see the list of the following options. Click on “Archived chat” and you will see all the archived conversations here.

This method works for both Android and iPhone.

How to find liked posts on Instagram

You can find liked posts on Instagram, whether the post is a photo, video, or reels. I’m going to explore it with you. Yes, that’s right, you can easily check it using your own Instagram app. If the “Instagram posts you’ve liked option not showing” too, you have another option too.

First, to find liked posts on Instagram, you need to open the app. Click on your profile>settings>account, and “post you’ve liked.” Here you will find all the past posts you’ve liked on your Instagram account.

Still, some people complain they don’t find this option on their app. For that, there are two solutions.

Instagram posts you’ve liked option not showing

First Method: If your phone and app are up to date. Still, if you’re unable to find this option, go to your play store and search for “Instagram beta.”

Once you’ve joined the “beta version,” in the future if there are updates about your app, you will receive them, and the “post you’ve liked” option will hopefully appear.

Second Method: If the first method didn’t work, I have got a second option for you too. If you go to the play store and search for “Instagram Lite” and download it. After downloading the app, you need to open your account in it and follow the same process I’ve mentioned above.

This time you will see your missing option and find all the past posts you’ve liked on your account. You can solve your problem by simply downloading the “Instagram lite.”


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