10 Best iPhone Medical Apps App Store isn’t Showing You

    Best iPhone Medical Apps: In the present time, you must have heard about the hype iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. If you are thinking of buying one then let’s talk about its facilities. The reality is that iPhones are not only used for communication and entertainment rather a person uses different features from it.

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    You have heard about the FaceTime and voice-to-voice feature of the iPhone series and what about the medical Application facilities provided to the user? The device works amazingly in making you fit and healthy all the time.

    Let’s know more about the medical applications that are specially designed for iOS users. The applications work as the best pill reminder app for iPhone along with the medication facilities. We are going to give you all the details regarding the best iPhone medical apps, their working, and their features in the given article.

    Best iPhone Medical Apps

    10 best iPhone medical apps online for iOS users are discussed below:

    MyChart 4.5 | Top in iPhone medical apps list

    MyChart 4.5,

    Now you can put all of your health information in your hand with the help of a managing app known as MyChart. You can easily communicate with the health care provider and view the results of the Lab reports on an immediate basis. All the prescriptions, medications, along with immunization history of a patient are provided.


    • You can check the lab records along with the medical history of a person.
    • You can connect to the healthcare provider present on the official site.
    • You can check the clinical notes and the video chats recording are also provided.
    • You can easily schedule a meeting to manage the in-person visits.
    • You can pay the medical bills.


    You can easily download this app here.

    Healow 3.4

    Healow 3.4

    The application helps you to communicate with different doctors available in the office. You can easily access the up-to-date records on the medical history of a patient. You can get the lab results, different prescriptions, vitals, and other medical records of a person within one app. The application allows you to manage multiple accounts.


    • You can get the lab results of the patient.
    • It is the fastest way of managing prescriptions.
    • The application is easy to use for convenience.
    • Now you don’t need to wait for the doctor as appointments are available on the phone.
    • You can also track the development of the health records of a person.


    The application is available at the app store through this link.

    GoodRx: Prescription 4.8

    GoodRx: Prescription 4.8,

    Now you can stop paying extra charges on the subscriptions and get the drugs at the lowest prices. You can start saving your money by finding coupons and the best pharmacist in your area at less prices. Different Americans now save their money with the help of free coupons on prescription medicines. This tool also works as the best medication reminder app for iPhone.


    • You can compare the prices of different pharmacies to get the best deal.
    • You can also get a 50% discount on prescription medicines.
    • You can also set favorites such as pharmacies that have the lowest prices.
    • Free coupons are also provided on the prescriptions.
    • You just need to show the coupons to the pharmacist and save money.


    Get help downloading this app.

    Sydney Health 4.8

    Sydney Health 4.8

    The application is designed to save the time of the users by connecting them with the health care provider. All you need related to the health care assistant at the moment is provided within minutes through this application. You can visit the desired doctor available at the app and can get a health plan along with the medications.


    • You can easily check your symptoms for free and get recommendations.
    • You can easily chat with certified doctors at a low cost.
    • You can also do a video visit to the desired doctor.
    • You can plan a visit to the health care provider, dental, or vision doctor.
    • You can also ask questions in the interactive chat on a real-time basis.


    You can get this application here.

    MyQuest For Patients 4.6

    It is considered one of the best medicine apps for iPhone due to its amazing diagnostic features. Now you can manage all the lab results secretly and book the appointments at your fingertips. All the information that you need to keep yourself healthy and fit is now available on your iOS device.


    • You can easily view your lab results quickly.
    • Find the nearest quest location that is convenient.
    • You can manage your appointments with the desired schedule.
    • Efficiently manage the health activities of your close ones.
    • Share the health information with the most trusted healthcare providers.


    Download this application from the App store here.

    Monash University FODMAP diet 3.6

    All the researchers present at Monash University have specifically designed low FODMAP diet applications. The tool assists its user to manage the symptoms related to gastrointestinal and bowel syndrome. It helps the diet in such a way that swaps food high in carbohydrates with low alternatives.


    • You can get information related to the FODMAP complete diet.
    • You can get a complete chart related to the diet in bowel syndrome.
    • Easy-to-use tutorials are available with only three-step procedures.
    • Detailed content related to the food guide is available.
    • You can get a complete collection of almost 70 nutritious recipes.


    You can easily get this application from here.

    Hear My Baby Heartbeat App 3.9

    If you are pregnant then this application is specifically for you to hear your baby. The application helps you to record and listen to the sounds of your baby through the microphone of your iOS device.

    It is safe to use and also supports AirPods. It is a trusted and easy-to-use application for new mummies to hear fetal sounds and keep relaxing their bodies.


    • You can also record the baby moments.
    • You can easily increase or decrease the sound of the movement.
    • It is safe to use specifically for your children.
    • You can hear the heartbeat of your baby.
    • You can share the sounds with the baby’s father or your friends.


    Download the application from the app store now.

    Pedi STAT 4.5

    The application provides you with amazing references related to physicians, paramedics, and other professionals that work in the healthcare field. It is specially designed for pediatric patients that are in the critical care environment. Different references related to airway interventions and cardiac resuscitations.


    • You can get different medications related to seizure dosages.
    • You can get references related to vital science related to a specific age.
    • It also works as a free pill reminder app on the iPhone.
    • It calculates the pain management medications of the patients.
    • You can also get help related to the medical management of different reactions related to allergies


    Download the application now.

    Essential Anatomy 5 4.8

    The application is filled with anatomical references along with the models which are male as well as female. It has almost 8,200 structures that are 3D and you can view any structure independently from the other. Groundbreaking technology, innovative designs, and different angles of representation are prominent attractions.


    • You can enjoy cutting-edge 3D technology.
    • It has more than 8,000 anatomic structures.
    • You can enjoy multiple modes of selection.
    • You can easily share the images on social media as well as by email.
    • You can correct the pronunciation along with the Latin nomenclature.


    You can easily download the application from here.

    SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring 4.7

    The application helps you to control the snoring muscles. If you have weak muscles in your mouth region then it becomes the cause of snoring. The exercises available in this application will help you to reduce the tone produced by the airways in the upper muscles which automatically lessens snoring.


    • Different exercises are available to reduce snoring.
    • Animations are provided that are easy to follow.
    • You can get detailed instructions for clarity.
    • You can also track your progress.
    • You can easily synchronize to SnoreLab.


    You can get this application through this link.

    FAQs About Best iPhone Medical Apps

    What Are The Best iPhone Medical Apps For Medical Advice?

    If you want to know more about the best iPhone medical apps other than the ones that are discussed above are explained below:

    • MDLIVE
    • Lemonaid
    • LiveHealth
    • PlushCare
    • Doctor On Demand

    Does Apple Have The Free Best iPhone Medical Apps That Are Health Apps?

    Yes, Apple has a health app that is considered one of the best iPhone medical apps. The application collects all the information related to health and fitness from the iPhone and the sensors present in the Apple watch.

    The applications are well compatible with third-party devices. It works to keep your information secure according to privacy policies.

    What Type Is The Most Popular Medical App?

    If we just considered the most popular medical app then we have a complete list:

    • VisualDx
    • Skyscape Medical Library
    • epocrates
    • PEPID
    • Lexicomp

    Is there A Best Free iPhone Medical Apps?

    Yes, there are many free medical apps available on the Apple store. Some of the options are discussed below:

    • MyChart
    • GoodRx
    • healow

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    Sum Up

    iPhones have become the craze of the present world but the applications are also worth the price. Different iPhone applications help to keep you healthy and fit at different times. The apps provide you with information:

    • Details about the best iPhone medical apps.
    • The prominent features.
    • Downloading the apps from the Apple store.

    Having an iPhone Medical Application would help you even in emergencies as a mini pocket doctor. Do let us know in the comments section if you find any queries in the given article.


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