The 10 Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone Play Store Aren’t Showing You

Best karaoke apps for iPhone: Do you want to start singing along with your favorite singers? Moreover, do you want to make your parties rocking with karaoke?

You can use different best karaoke apps for iPhone to rock and roll at your parties. Also, I usually use this kind of app to make my party time memorable. If you are looking for the best karaoke apps for iPhone.

Hence I’m here to serve you the top 10 best karaoke apps for the iPhone that you are going to make. obviously, In this article, you are going to learn about all the features of the 10 best karaoke apps for the iPhone.

best karaoke apps for iphone

What are the best karaoke apps for iPhone?

Karaoke is a type of instrument/ device or app that is used to provide a system of pre-recorded songs. You can accompany all the popular songs by using the screen and following the lyrics.

 So to make your parties even better you can install the best karaoke apps for iPhone to do duties, sing along or avail many other features. There are numerous karaoke apps. I will help you to choose the best one in this article.

Noticeable features of karaoke apps for iPhone apps

Furthermore, Karaoke apps are mostly used for enjoyment. But most people use it to practice their songs or make their free time a fun time. There are several free singing apps for iPhone but before installing any app you must consider the following features.

  • Must have cute features
  • Voice effects
  • A wider range to choose songs
  • Sing along or collaboration

Smule – Editor’s choice 

Smule is the most suggested best ios karaoke app all over the world. You will enjoy over 10 million plus new and old songs in the form of categories with several voice effects. It is also considered the best offline karaoke app for iPhone.

In addition, other features include auto-tuning features, duties features with several effects, and much more. You can also choose the best song for your match and adjust it for your feelings as well. It also has a premium version that includes even more great features.

10 Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone. 1.Smule - Editor’s choice icon

Smule can be downloaded from here.


  • It has a large community and users
  • Highly intuitive and very easy to use


  • Very expensive and need a subscription 
  • Its android version is not very stable
  • Do not work properly with some devices

Karaoke- Sing Unlimited Songs

Want unlimited parties, karaoke will go well for this. However, it is the design of Yankee music and it works with all devices including iOS and android. 100 million people are using karaoke and uploading millions of songs daily.

On the other hand, the best thing about karaoke is that it can be connected to your TV for a larger screen for house parties. Generally, the rating of karaoke on the play store is almost 3.6 and on the app store, it is 4.5. Obviously, karaoke is easily compatible with your Windows PC.

10 Best Karaoke Apps For 2. iPhoneKaraoke- Sing Unlimited Songs icon

Download your karaoke app by clicking on the link


  • Wide variety of songs with a huge number of genres
  • TV connection availability 
  • Great navigation than other apps


  • Some of the songs are not for free
  • To much adds
  • Limited voice and audio plans for free

Voloco – Vocal Recording Studio

10 Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone
3.Voloco - Vocal Recording Studio icon

If you are looking for one of the best sing and strum along best karaoke apps for iPhone so this app is the best choice ever. It is a type of autotuning karaoke app that is full of a bundle of features. Such as admiring rapping, singing, or karaoke making.

If you want to change the instrument while singing you just have to click at once. You can also add different types of instruments of your choice. So you can get its different versions like piano karaoke, guitar karaoke, and vocal karaoke.

Your app is available here.


  • Join virtual parties with different rooms
  • Different instruments and vocals
  • A massive collection of songs
  • Rapping features is available


  • Its interference is a bit tricky.
  • To many options 

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

10 Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone
4.Musixmatch Lyrics Finder icon

Looking for the most convenient and best karaoke apps for iPhone karaoke mode is going to fulfill your music needs. So, you can easily convert the song lyrics into your native language through this best ios karaoke app.

Likewise enjoy numerous songs in different regional languages with other additional options. In addition, features include tempo, speed, and volume.  A fully free app so it does not require any subscription for use.

Get your Musixmatch lyrics finder by clicking here.


  • Very clean and easy to use
  • Navigation is also very simple
  • Fully free karaoke app ios
  • You can also select regional songs


  • Ads may feel disturbing
  • Limited features
  • Uses youtube karaoke songs also

KaraFun – Karaoke & Singing

Wanting to sing along or make your favorite karaoke karaFun is the best choice ever. Basically, this is one of the easiest and best karaoke apps for the iPhone. Obviously Kara fun is very significant in its design and navigation.

It provides all the recently famous songs for karaoke to make your parties and singing even more memorable. Karafun is also highly rated smart and full of features and the best karaoke apps for iPhone.

10 Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone. 5.KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing icon

By clicking here you will reach its downloading page


  • Songs choice option
  • Minimalistic interference
  • Can be connected with airplay and smart TV


  • Some of its songs need a paid subscription
  • Expensive than other apps
  • Limited features with its free version


This is one of the top listed best karaoke apps for iPhone. Generally, Star maker lite has over 50 million users throughout the world. The overall rating of a star-maker is 4.3 stars out of 5. you can also Connect yourself with multiple rooms to make friends through star maker.

It has very clean and easy interference so that you can easily enjoy all of its features. Songs are divided into different categories. You can also change your voice effect in seconds. With a star maker, you are going to feel like a superstar.

10 Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone 
6 StarMaker-Lite icon

Download star maker-lite  from here


  • It contains a huge catalog
  • auto-tune and pitch correction feature
  • Dute and collaboration availability


  • It works best with android 
  • Many of its features require a paid subscription

Singing Machine Karaoke

Through Singing Machine Karaoke, you can easily sing and record your favorite songs. Further, a karaoke machine is a free singing app for iPhone.

As shown in the title, it is a karaoke machine so it will provide you with machine-like features with faster selections. But it still contains a bundle of songs with various features. Especially you can record millions of international songs without bursting the storage space of your smartphone.

This is a type of iPhone karaoke app Bluetooth so you can connect it to several devices. Obviously, it is the smartest and best iOS karaoke app that has several features to enjoy.

Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone 
7 Singing Machine Karaoke

This app is available on this link.


  • Navigation is simple and easy
  • All the songs are free
  • Do not consume much storage space


  • Do not contain effects and editing options
  • Too much adds

Mix it- Karaoke Songs & Duet

The mix-it is the creative and best karaoke app for iPhone that helps you to make a new version of the song by yourself. The Mix it app will not only allow you to recreate a song but also remove its vocals. undoubtedly this is the most interesting part of mixing it.

Not only this, a feature named genre swap will allow you to change the style of the song according to your match. In addition, this is the best free singing app for iPhone. Generally, a huge community is using this app for free and it is a highly rated app among all the best karaoke apps for iPhones.

Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone 
8 Mix it- Karaoke Songs & Duet

You can download the mix-it app from here.


  • The modern type of user interference
  • In addition, songs are categories for easy pickup
  • Popularity and a huge community 


  • Only popular songs are available to sing
  • In-app purchases are too much expensive

Singa- Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

This is the greatest cover song video maker. It is one of the most traditional best karaoke apps for iPhone through which you can also record the songs by making your videos and karaoke effects. You can also get access to 80,000 high-quality songs.

If you want to change the musical tone, volume, or even tempo so this can be done through the sing play app. Singa is also available for offline use. So that is why it is a great offline karaoke app for iPhone.

Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone
9 Singa- Sing Karaoke & Lyrics icon

Get your Sing play app through this link.


  • Bundle of features
  • Allow  you to make karaoke from local songs
  • As well as fully free video templates


  • Not very easy to use
  • Some of the editing features are unavailable

Song-Pop Classic- Guess The Song

Let’s move to the second best karaoke app which is Song-pop classic. If you are looking for an excellent streaming service so this is one of the best choices ever. You will get the basic as well as premium features of your choice. Basically, this is the classic version of karaoke from the apple store.

In the song-pop app, you have to guess the song as fast as possible. There is a bundle of features included in song-pop classics. This app runs very well on both iOS and Android so you can install it to enjoy your parties.

Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone 
10Song-Pop Classic- Guess The Song icon

Get your Song-pop app by clicking here.


  • Its navigation is very simple and the interface is easy
  • Compatibility for cross-platform
  • New playlists are being added day by day
  • Free to use but have some in-app purchases


  • It is not available in some countries
  • Unnecessary add during use
  • The sound quality is average  

Frequently asked questions about the best karaoke apps for iPhone

What’s the best karaoke app for iPhone?

There are so many best karaoke apps for iPhone like, yokke, Smule, karaoke, star make, and sing play.

How can I sing karaoke on my iPhone?

You can install different apps for karaoke on your iPhone to sing your favorite song

Is there a karaoke app for iPhone?

Yes,  there are so many offline karaoke apps for iPhones including yokke, Smule karaoke, and many more best karaoke apps for iPhones available.

Which is the best karaoke app?

Karaoke, star-maker, and yokke are the best karaoke apps for iPhone.

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Final Remarks

Having the best karaoke app can make your party night rocking and memorable. In this article, you have learned about the top 10 best karaoke apps for iPhone. Use any of the above-mentioned apps to make your mood chilling.

The downloading option is also available there so you just have to:

  • Click on the link given above
  • Install the app of your best match

Hopefully, you have got all the information you need. If this blog was helpful just let me know in the comment section. Thank you!


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