Top 5 Free Best Translation Apps for iPhone in 2022

    Normally, when you are traveling to a new place or country. You do not know the native language of that place. In this situation, understanding a foreign language is not a hard thing. You need the best translation apps for iPhone. So, with the help of this, you can understand any language.

    Best Translation Apps for iPhone

    However,  you need to know which translation apps for iPhone are best for you. So, you will find various apps on the internet, make sure that the app which you selected must have tons of languages.

    These available apps are free and some or paid. It depends on the features and also depends on your need and choice. If you want the premium features without ads, you can get the paid version. On the contrary, you can use the free apps also.

    In this article, I will give you information about the 5 best translation apps for the iPhone. You will find most of the apps are free.

    Top 5 Best Translation apps for iPhone

    When you are on a business trip or traveling to any other country, you will not know their language. So, in this situation, you need a translation app. With the help of this, you can make conversation with another person. So, at this time a translating app must be on your iPhone. Moreover, communication will be easy in this way.

    Following are the 5 best translation apps for iPhone available. You can select any app from them.


    It is one of the best translator apps. Which you can get on your iPhone. With the help of this translator, you just not translate your written text, further, you can also translate voice, the text from images. So if you’re in a foreign country, use the image translator for identifying.

    Google Translator App icon

    Additionally, this app has a voice translation option. Moreover, this app has a keyboard, using this you can type the text and translate it. However, an amazing feature of this app, it supports 100 languages. This app is compatible with iOS 10.0 and later. Although the app is free you can get the paid version.

    Key Features of The App

    • Provide the facility of object translation
    • This app supports the 100 languages
    • Further, provide the ability to text translation
    • Additionally, gives the services of image translation
    • Lastly, it can also provide the facility of voice translation

    Download Link

    Translator: Translate Voice

    This translator app is one of the best apps for the iPhone. It is a versatile and Accurate translator app. You can use this app as a voice translator and text translator also. This is an auto translator app and you can easily interpret your sentence with this app.

    Translator: Translate Voice app icon

    This app has a few languages in offline mode. You need an internet connection for the complete features of the app. You can install this app for free and enjoy its built-in dictionary.

    This app supported 90+ languages. However, overall it is the best translation app for iPhone. It is compatible with 13.0 or later.

    Key Features of the App

    • It supported the voice translation
    • You can translate your native language
    • Additionally, it supported the 90+ languages
    • It is one of the best offline translator apps
    • The app interface is easy and simple
    • For future convenience, it saves the translation history
    • Built-in dictionary in the app

    Download Link

    iTranslate Translator

    It is another fantastic translation app for iPhone. Additionally, It has 100 languages in this app. It provides translation with great accuracy. This app has a built-in phrase book in it. So, it is one of the best translation apps for you.  Although the app is free you can also get the paid version. Further, it is compatible with 10.0 and later iOS devices.

    iTranslate Translator app icon

    Key Features of the App

    • Select different dialects and switch between them
    • This app supports the 100 languages
    • It gives the facility of predefined phrases for travel
    • Gives the availability of iMessage keyboard extension

    Download link

    Dialog-Translate Speech

    Dialog is a simple and all-around performance app. It has a simple interface and works flawlessly. It supported text-to-text and speech-to-text. By using this app you can travel easily all over the world. This app is free but you can get the paid version.

    This is compatible with ISO 11.0 and later devices. Although App available for free but you can purchase the app.

    Key Features of the App

    • You need just one tap to translate into any language
    • It has built-in foreign phrases and words
    • You can use the camera to translate the image or sign
    • Voice translation is also available

    Download Link

    Translate Keyboard for Chat

    This app is specially designed for different social apps such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and iMessage. This translator app is different from other apps. Its built-in keyboard allows you to chat with other people in different languages. It is very simple to translate the message without switching the app. This app is compatible with iOS 10.0 and later. Additionally, it is a free app but you can get the paid app.

    Key Features of the App

    • It supports the messaging app
    • You do not need to switch the app for translation
    • Further, it supports the 100+ languages and dialects
    • Provide the instant translation of messaging
    • Moreover, it has a built-in translator

    Download Link

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Translation apps for iPhone

    Which are the Best Translation apps for iPhone?

    Several translation apps are available on the internet. You can select one of them but you do not know which is the best app. In the above content, the top 5 best translation apps for iPhone list are available for you. So, you can select and link also there, to install the app.

    What are the Best Translation Apps for iPhone

    • Dialog-Translate Speech
    • iTranslate Translator
    • Translate Keyboard for Chat
    • Translator-Translate Voice
    • Translator*

    Is there a free Translate app for iPhone?

    The iTranslate app is free to use. you can install the app from the apple play store. Moreover, it is one of the best translation apps for the iPhone.

    Is the iPhone Translate Accurate? 

    Of course, it proves you a more or less accurate translation. It has 11 languages available for translation, both voice and text.

    Can I use my iPhone camera for translating?

    Yes, there are some apps available on the apple app store. So, you can use your camera for translating.

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    Sum Up

    In summary, if you want to travel to another country, you need to communicate with others using the best translation apps for iPhone. In above top 5 best translation apps are available for you. You can select and get the app. Moreover, download links are there, tap to click and simply get the app on iPhone. The Method is simple:

    • Tap on the Download Link
    • App Store open in new window
    • Tap to install the app on iphone
    • Finally, the app is installed you can use it for translating

    So, this is the simple and easy way to get and install the translating app on your iPhone.Additionally, when you are in any foreign country, you will not face any difficulty communicating with others.


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