Don’t Write Your Next Blog Before Reading This Blog Writing Format

Blog Writing Format: Writing a blog is just like riding a bike, you can study the rules of roads and get your license got to go for it.  (just like get a post idea and write a blog) But it’s not as easy as its looks. Are you a new blogger and want to grow your business?

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Can you write a blog about anything?

Do you want to earn money by writing an exciting blog and get more traffic? In this post, I’m going to give you tips about your Blog writing format.

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First, I’m going to a little introduction to blogs. A blog is an online journal, discussion, or informative post in which you give reports, evidence, and knowledge. You can also give your attitude on the matter by writing it and publishing it on your website.

Blog writing format

One of the biggest mistakes people do while writing a blog is, the start writing and go on and on and on. They don’t keep the reader in mind. They mostly write THINK-CONTENT which doesn’t work as a blogger.

I’m giving you a blog writing format that will help you in writing your blog post. So before writing a blog you must stick to these steps. For the reader to stay on your blog and your blog post must have a specific writing format.

Short keynotes

  • First of all your blog must have an interesting TITLE
  • Must write an OUTLINE for your post
  • You need to stick to your post and gather updates and information.
  • While writing you need to stick with your post. Don’t write irrelevant and unrelated material in your post
  • Always write with the reader in mind. Do remember that you have an audience to entertain
  • Keep the reader in mind but don’t ignore Google AdSense.  (write what sales, write what reader wants)
  • A good blog must have relevant pictures and videos.
  • Break a paragraph into pieces and make heading and sub-headings
  • You need to grab the reader’s attention by writing an interesting and exciting blog.
  • Always write a conclusion at the end of your blog, (sometimes readers directly go to the end and read the conclusion before reading your blog)

Just start going for it, don’t worry about perfection. Build a habit of reading writing and searching. The more you start practicing better you will get.

The format of blog writing

I’ve read many blogs, people have information to give but they make mistakes like they write Unrelenting and diskless. They have the information but they don’t know how to start a line and end it.

now that I’ve given you tips about blog format. While writing let’s say that you found it easy to write a blog. You can easily write 80 to 90 words per minute and you just want to go and publish it on your website. It’s not that easy. This is the mistake many bloggers make.

You need to keep in mind that the “think content” doesn’t work for a blogger. You need to keep the reader in mind while writing. Yes, thinking counts as working, but if you want to become a successful blogger, you must keep your reader in mind.

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First, you can give all the information the reader wants from your blog. After that, you can make a sub-heading of CONCLUSION and give your own opinion to the reader.

There is an old saying:

No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader

No matter who you are or from which place you are reading this. If you are a blogger you must live or die at this statement. I mean nothing would kill a project than the lack of passion, keenness, and craziness from the author.

So I highly suggest you select a topic which not just entertains the reader but also you. So you can write about it. Your blog will tell the reader about your passion in the post.

Let us say you are interested in a specific field like Technology. When you are writing about it, you will put all your determination and struggle into the project. This will hook and encourage the reader to read your blog and hopefully, you will get good revenue from it.     

Blog writing format for students

Every blog post must have an OUTLINE. Now outline is just a rough detail for the reader to keep them on track.  

Every great blog does not just happen. A small headline from the start helps readers to keep reading and stay on your blog. Now if you are a student, let us say if you want to write an essay, assignment, or blog. A small opening of the headline/ outline will make a very good impression on your project.

People who know what they are talking about don’t need PowerPoint – Steve Jobs

Now OUTLINE is a quick summary of what you are writing and what will happen in the next section of your blog-post

So you’ve been reading this blog from starting. Now I’m going to give you a small example of blog writing format and outline of your blog-post

Introduction: Blog writing format tips for beginner’s 2022

  • Blog writing format
  • Writing a blog post by keeping the reader in mind
  • Blog writing tips for students
  • Blog writing format example  
  • Conclusion


Ready to write a blog, make sure that your blog post has these three things

  • It has to be entraining, exciting, popular/ trending.

A popular and trending blog that excites and entertains people will encourage them to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this way, you can make good revenue from your blog post.

Let us know in the comment section if this post helps you to improve your blog writing format.


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