10 Best Free Book Apps For iPhone Or iPad 2022 Guide

    Do you want a whole library with you all the time? Do you love to read books while traveling on a bus, in a coffee shop, or at home when you are free? Best book apps for iPhone can be your best companion throughout the day.

    I’m also addicted to these book-reading apps. So if you want, you can install different types of book apps for iPhone or android to make your smartphone a whole library. So in this article, I will provide you with all the information related to the best book apps for iPhone or ebooks.

    Free Book Apps For IPHONE

    What is meant by book apps for the iPhone?

    Even So, Book apps are considered a necessary part of life for book lovers. These apps are stand-alone applications on your device with several features. Mostly they are used for reading books or marking bookmarks, creating a list of your favorite books, and much more.

    Moreover, if you are a book lover like me these apps are going to be a gem for you. You can read unlimited books from these book apps for iPhone. Including comic books, novels, fiction stories, information books, and much more.

    What are the purposes of book apps for iPhone?

    Books and apps can help in various ways. But before buying or installing any type of book app for iPhone you must have to check the purpose or its features. This may help you to select one of the best book apps for your iPhone. Here are some purposes that why you want one of the best book apps for the iPhone.

    • To get more knowledge
    • To create notes, highlights, or bookmarks
    • Easy access 24/7
    • To find the different books throughout the world

    Amazon Kindle

    book app for iphone Amazon Kindle icon

    Here is the top-rated book reading app for iPhone. Kindle app provides you with the easiest access to all types of books. So, It is the best alternative for your kindle device. Assemble and its interference are also very simple.

    You can have millions of collections of different types of books on the iPhone. So, Just buy these books and read them wherever you want. However, these book apps for iPhone include several features including the motivation of reading books and others. Further, I guarantee that this is the best book app for the iPhone.

    Click here if you want to download it.

    Reason to install 

    • Easily sync your amazon kindle books
    • This is the best alternative 
    • It also monitors your reading progress
    • It provides progress reports across all linked devices
    • Include many genres

    Reason to avoid

    • You have to buy its  premium plan to use advanced features


    book apps for iphone icon of Goodreads

    Here is another one of the best book apps for iPhone. So, If you are looking for a large book community this app is exactly for you. For Instance, if you want to sync your kindle book and want to read it with your companion, the Goodreads app is the best choice ever.

    Moreover, Goodreads application will provide you with different offers, many for free. Providing a book review is also available so that you can read it. Like other physical libraries, also manage the readers according to your needs and categories.

    You can download Goodreads by clicking here.

    Reason to install 

    • Option to create shelves to add books
    • Read, review and rate a book
    • Also, scan a book or your choice
    • It is a huge type of library
    • Set your goals of reading
    • See what your friends are reading

    Reason to avoid

    • You cannot add any other book to your storage


    book apps for iphone icon of  libby

    If you want to browse different books from different library catalogs Libby is the best option for you. You are going to have all the readers of this world in this app because Libby can scan all the libraries by connecting its digital catalogs with all the libraries throughout the world.

    You have to borrow a library card but if you don’t have a library card you have to sign in online instantly. Several other features are included in Libby to enjoy downloading books on iPhone.So, Libby is considered one of the greatest book apps for iPhone.

    If you are wondering to install Libby just click on the link

    Reason to install 

    • World wide catalog of books to read or listen to them
    • Super sleek experience and easy interference
    • The choice of online sign-in from your library card
    • You can borrow books 
    • Adjustable playback speed system
    • Easily add a number of libraries as you want

    Reason to avoid

    • If you don’t have a library card you cannot read books


    book apps for iphone icon of  Wattpad

    Do you like tailored content?  Wattpad book apps for iPhone are going to be your best companion. Even So, through this platform, you can read and write your own stories. Wattpad is the best option for both readers and writers.

    When you first install this app you are going to get an option of choosing three different styles of book genres. Now it’s your choice to choose the books when you are surfing the Wattpad, it also contains bundles of features.

    Download Wattpad from here and enjoy reading

    Reason to install 

    • Option of writing your own stories and reading from other
    • Text-to-speech support
    • Recommendation of Tailored book
    • It contains advanced tools for writing
    • You can enjoy various catalogs
    • The best platform to make the audience for writers

    Reason to avoid

    • Some of its plans are available for paid plans or premium plan
    • Its free version contains lots of adds

    Novel Full

    book apps for iphone icon of Novel Full

    This app is full of book genres so if you like to read all types of regular books the novel full application can be a better choice ever. It includes several fictional and nonfictional stores for you. This is the best ebook iPhone for story reading.

    Bundles of features are included. If you want to rate the books this option is also available in the novel full app. There are almost 20 genres on this application to download. Once you download them you can easily read them offline.

    The novel full application is available here.

    Reason to install 

    • New novels are added on a daily basis
    • Include intuitive book readers
    • Adjustable font styles
    • Offline reading is available once you download the book

    Reason to avoid

    • The free version of the novel full application may contain several ads


    icon of inkit

    Are you looking to buy new books but first you want to check their reviews? Thorough inkit this is possible. So, the process of reading or interference with this app is extremely easy. However, if you want to search for a new book use hashtags.

    Through the inkit application, you will find different types of novels, genres, and other story books of your choice.  Inkit will also notify you if it’s any arrival of a new book. Similarly, you can say that this is one of the best platform or book apps for iPhone.

    From here you can download the inkit application.

    Reason to install 

    • Making more followers increase your audience
    • Share your well-written stories with the inkit community
    • Short Post creating feature is available to attract your followers
    • This is fully free

    Reason to avoid

    •  The option of downloading Books from the local resource is not available.

    Serial Reader

    icon of Serial Reader

    Wondering if to reload all the books from your local storage? Serial readers will perform this task perfectly. For Instance, through this application, easily create your own shelf of your books from your local storage.  In Search of book apps for iPhone serial reader is best.

    The interesting thing about serial readers is that you can see your reading time according to your choice. The option of browsing app-based books with a subscription is also there so that it may be easy to find your favorite book.

    You will reach the downloading page of serial readers by clicking here.

    Reason to install 

    • Set timer or goals  for reading the book
    • Very attractive interference
    • Addition of local books from your storage
    • Subscription of different books as many as you want

    Reason to avoid

    • You must need a subscription  if you want to upload books from your local storage

    Good Novel and books web novel

    book apps for iphone icon of goodnovel

    This is another best book app for iPhone. The prominent feature includes its top-notch recommender system. Additionally, bundles of several features are available in good novels and books web novel applications.

    This platform also allows you to write your own stories like the previous apps. Selection of specific audience with preferable content is also here. You can write different types of book stories and then share or remove them.

    Just click on the link If you want to install this application

    Reason to install 

    • It is a type of full writers program
    • Also, allow the adaptive book transition while reading
    • Include top-notch recommendation
    • Collection of coins for more features

    Reason to avoid

    • When you run out of coins you may lose some features

    Kobo Books

    book apps for iphone icon of  Kobo Books

    The Kobo application is the simplest application with different features. Moreover, read out or listen to your favorite book at any time at any place very easily. However, the interference is very sleek and simple. So, You can browse the books very easily.

    Kobo does not include lots of books but all the books that are added are very easy to find and worth reading. This is also one of the simplest and best book apps for iPhone. You can enjoy reading or listening to ebooks iPhone with kobo.

    You are just one click away from the Kobo application

    Reason to install 

    • Worth your reading by adding reviews and ratings
    • The Audiobook section is also here
    • Further, very simple design
    • Organize your favorite home screen

    Reason to avoid

    • Do not include numerous books

    Shakespeare Pro

    Shakespeare Pro

    This application is going to be a masterpiece for students. However, Shakespeare Pro is perfect for those who want to feed their minds with the content of William Shakespeare. Even so, all types of books by Shakespeare are available on this platform.

    Further, you can find three different styles to grind. Easily listen to all the poems and stories or play. Moreover, Shakespeare Pro is the perfect book app for iPhones and for students.

    Shakespeare Pro application is available here.

    Reason to install 

    • Easily find William Shakespeare’s style
    • You will learn by reading
    • It is ideal for art students
    • You will get daily quotes

    Reason to avoid

    • You must have to buy  the pro version
    • For in-app services, you have to pay

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    Frequently asked questions about book apps for iPhone

    What book app comes with the iPhone?

    Apple book is the personal book app for iPhone users

    What is the best book app for iPhone?

    There are so many great book apps for the iPhone. The personal book app of iPhones is the best apple book.

    Can, I read books on my iPhone for free?

    Yes, You can install different types of free book apps and read books.

    Are book apps for iPhone free?

    Apple book is the personal and fully free book app for iPhone.

    Final words

    Consequently, in this article, you have learned all the information about the best book apps for iPhones. All the feature pros and cons are discussed in detail. I also provide the link to download your favorite book apps directly. However, the method is simple

    • Click on the given link
    • Reach the page
    • Download the application

    Finally, if this article was helpful please leave your thoughts in the comment section and let me know if you want to know more about such topics. Thank you!


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