How Can You Change The Color Of Your Apps On Android?

Are you bored with viewing the same colors of your apps? Also, are you thinking about how to change the color of your apps on android? And wants to add colors to the apps to make them more attractive and colorful. Also, want to customize apps according to your own style.

Android screen with settings app open

So, No worries, you can easily change the color of your apps by using the Launcher and Edit option. Whenever I want to add new colors to my app I use Nova Launcher. 

Through this article, you will learn about how you can change the color of your apps on android and Samsung. Furthermore, I will tell you how to add more colors to my google calendar.

Can you change the color of your apps on android?

Yes, we can easily change colors by using the following methods.

Change single app icons

settings to change the color of apps

Firstly, For changing the icon, click on the app. Tap on it until a popup menu opens. Now, select the Edit option.

Then click the icon and scroll down. This Built-in group consists of all the icons on your phone, including the default Android ones. Next, click on the desired icon. And, it will change the icon.

Using Launcher, change app icons

Every launcher gives permission to change the icons you see for your apps. Of course, I am going to use Nova Launcher. But, if you want to use another launcher you can use the same instructions.

Android Screen,

Firstly, open the Play Store. Secondly, Search Nova Launcher. After finding the app install it. Then go to your home screen. When you are notified choose Nova as your new launcher. You have to wait a few minutes to repopulate your home screen with widgets and app icons.

Method to restore the default app icon

You can restore the default app icon by going through the Edit icon process again. Now, choose the icon viewed under Common.

How can you change the color of your apps on Samsung?

Yes, you can color your apps on your phone by using the following method.

phone screen layout to change color,

By using the new Android 12 Color Palette feature, you can change it.

  • Firstly, Click and hold on to a vacant area of the home screen.
  • Secondly, Click on the Wallpaper and Style.
  • Now, click on the Color palette
  • Then choose the color which you want.

Finally, your app’s color will be changed.

How do I add more colors to my google calendar widget?

Change the calendar’s color set:

  1. Tap on the Google Calendar app.
  2. Click on Menu Settings General theme on your android phone.
  3. Now, choose the option.

Keep that in mind before changing the theme of your calendar widget, manage your Android screen and display settings. Click Here for more about Android

Note: In the Google Calendar, a dark theme is available on Android 7.0 and other latest versions.

Frequently Add Questions about “how to change the color of your apps on android”

What is the method to change the color of my app icon text?

Open Settings and set the launcher as the default app. Now, go to Settings again and click on Global appearance. Tap on Font. You can easily change your font color, font style, font size, etc.

Why does the blue text appear on Android?

It is an Advanced Messaging technique that appears as a blue bubble. A blue bubble means a message sent through SMS or MMS.

Can I change the theme on my Android apps?

Choose Android in your Project pane. Now, tap on app > res > values > themes > themes.

How can I make my Google app black?

By turning on the dark theme in your phone’s settings. Go to Display and turn the theme on or off.

What does the green text mean in Android?

A green bubble indicates that the person’s phone is off or they are not online. Make sure that the color of the bubble doesn’t always mean that you have been blocked by someone. 

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Conclusion: (how to change the color of your apps on android)

In this article, you have learned about how to change the color of your apps on android. By using the Launcher and Edit option, it will change the colors. 

And steps to change the color of your apps on Samsung. Read the above article to make your calendar attractive by adding more colors to your google calendar widget.

Pro Tip: To change all the colors you can use a custom icon pack.

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