How to Turn Off  Closed Caption on Peacock: Ultimate Guide 2022

Closed Caption on Peacock: Generally, when you are using the Peacock App and you want to close the caption on Peacock or turn off the subtitles. Here is a different option that is available on the peacock app. However, it is difficult to turn off captions. Because in some of the programs this option is not available.

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Likewise, to many other streams, Peacock also gives you the accessibility to help the this way, the user stays on the site. To close the caption option available for the movies and the different shows. So, It is important to know how to turn off the caption whether it is necessary or not.

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Ways to Closed Caption on Peacock

Following are some ways to close the caption from the different devices.

How to Closed Captions on Peacock TV using a PC?

As You can follow the following instructions for this:

  • First, you will launch your Peacock TV on your PC by entering the Password and ID.
  • Now press the Stream button.
  • You see the caption or the subtitle on the comment side and find it in the bottom left corner.
  • The subtitles will show here. You will select the English and then turn off the caption.

How To Closed Captions on Peacock TV Using an Android?

  • For this go to the setting of an Android phone
  • Choose the General Option
  • Select the Accessibility option
  • Go to the hearing/audio
  • Click on the caption and customize it.

You can use the above method to close the caption on Peacock.

How to get subtitles on Peacock

For this, you can launch the Content which you want to Launch. Now click on the video playback option. Click on the left side button, then select the subtitle option.

Peacock Subtitles not Working

If you find that the Peacock subtitle is not working then follow:

  • You need to open the app setting.
  • Under the general settings go to the accessibility
  • Select the Hearing/Audio option
  • Then go to the Caption

Does Peacock have Closed Captioning

If you find the Peacock option is not working then you need to follow the instructions:

  • Go the setting 
  • Then go to the General settings
  • Select the Accessibility
  • Select the Hearing or audio Option
  • Go to the Caption and customize it.

How do I get a Closed Caption on Peacock?

Launch the content which you want to watch and you need to click anywhere on the video. You need to select the text button icon. Then you see the caption and fix it.

Does peacock have subtitles?

Yes, the close caption or the subtitle is available on the Peacock TV. You can also customize the caption as per your desire. You can change the setting from the accessibility of your device.

How do you Get a Closed Caption on Peacock?

For this purpose, you need to take the following 5 steps.

  1. You need to go to the settings of your device.
  2. Click on the accessibility
  3. Now you can go to the Hearing section
  4. Click on the captioning or Subtitle
  5. You can customize it as you need.

Similarly, by doing these 5 steps you can easily turn off the caption of any video or show from your device. 

How do I get Subtitles on Peacock?

The following are the easiest ways to get subtitles on Peacock TV.

  • Open the Peacock Tv app on your device, smartphone, tablet, or any other device.
  • Play any video steam on Peacock
  • Press the left arrow in a rectangular box
  • Now press the OK button.
  • See a subtitle option
  • You can turn it off now.

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Final Remarks

To sum up the talk, you can quickly get the caption on Peacock TV.  As the above method will help you to get the captions or the subtitles quickly. Moreover, they also provide instructions on how to turn off the caption of the video. Finally, All the above information about the closing action on peacock will help you.


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