7 Tips about Exercise Ring on Apple Watch Nobody isn’t Telling You

The Apple watch is been out for so long now, its debut with the rings. The exercise ring on the Apple watch and until this day I never really took the time to understand the “move and exercise ring.” So if you are also wondering about how to exercise ring on apple watches works. I’m going to explore it for you.

Exercise ring on apple watch

What is the exercise ring on the apple watch?

When you wear an Apple watch on your wrist, every moment of your life counts towards a healthy life only if you know completely all features of your watch. Here’s how you can track your activity and close your ring every day. Once you’ve hit the personal goal of active calories burned, your ring will close.

Fitness app exercise ring on Apple watch

I’ll explore you how to see your activity matrix on “Activity app on Apple Watch” and “Fitness app on iPhone.”  

Once you open the “Activity app” you will see an exercise ring on your apple watch. Your “move ring” is the red one and you can close the ring by hitting your personal goal of active calories burned. This ring is adaptable and you can change it from week to week.

If you think you want to break your record you can increase your goal of burning calories. But it’s all about your active calories burned, all kind of activity counts here, either you are dancing at a concert or cleaning your house.

What is the exercise ring on the apple watch?

The green ring is the “exercise ring,” you can close your Exercise ring by completing at least 30 minutes of activity at or above a brisk walk. If you did more exercise than usual and still won’t be able to close the ring, it means that you didn’t do something better than the brisk walk.

The blue ring tracks how frequently you stand or roll. You will lose each ring when you hit your goal of the day. If you want to know more details about your daily activity, scroll down and you will how close you are to meeting your goals. Here you will see your total steps, total distance, and flight climb.

Can you edit exercise rings on the apple watch?

You can easily edit exercise rings on an Apple watch by following these steps.

  • Open the Activity app
  • Use the digital crown to scroll down
  • Tap change more goals
  • Tap + or – to update your goals

Here you can tap to check out your “weekly progress” or “change goals.” Here you can customize each goal based on how active you are or how active you want to be.

How does family sharing work on the Apple watch

If you are sharing your activity with a family member or friend, swipe left to check their progress for today. Scroll down to challenge them to a little friendly competition. If you swipe one more time to the left, you will the awards you’ve earned. Some of the badges can be earned multiple times, so get ready to break your record.

How fitness apps on iPhone work

“Fitness app” is the best free workout app for iPhone users. Your Apple watch syncs all this information to the “Fitness app” on your iPhone. This makes it easier for you to look back at your activity and your workout history to check your progress. Let’s take a look.

In the summary tab, you will see a quick look at your activity and ring progress of the day. Down to activity, you will see your workout history for the past three days. If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see “Trends.”

Here you will see your progress over time, like how you’re doing on your move, exercise stands, or roll goals over time. In the “Trends” section, if your arrow is pointing “up.” You are on right track but if the arrow is pointing “down.” Tap on the arrow to get a coaching tip to help turn it up. If you tab on “Sharing,” you will see the list of your family members.  


Do your best to close your exercise rings on your apple watch to earn shiny awards. Keep a good eye on your daily routine using the “fitness app on iPhone” and “activity app on apple watch.” For all the latest articles about “Apple Watch settings” click here.

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