Facebook Dating Not Showing Up 2022: iPhone and Android: Complete Guide

“Facebook dating not showing up in the menu,” is this the question disturbing you. Are you having issues with Facebook dating not showing up? Because there are lot of people having issues that is it not available in their country and they think it should be.

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Facebook dating not showing up on the menu

If so, in this article I’m going to share with you, the eligibility requirements for using the Facebook dating feature. All the fixes to try if Facebook dating is not showing up. Everything you may not know about Facebook dating. If you need the article to the end, I’ll share all the “help and assistance” regarding Facebook dating not showing up.     

Why is Facebook dating not showing up

  • If you have already enabled it, there are a few reasons the dating feature is not working on your smartphone. The list includes:
  • The Facebook server may be down
  • Lack of strong internet connection
  • The dating feature is not available in your region
  • Your application has some bugs and needs updating
  • App notifications are being blocked from your phone settings
  • You are not allowed to access the dating feature due to age restriction
  • Your device cache data is corrupted thus the application keeps crashing

You may find these problems after,

  • The app itself isn’t working smoothly
  • Facebook dating isn’t working after enabling it
  • You are unable to access the dating feature in the menu

Eligibility requirements for using Facebook dating feature

There are only a few requirements to be eligible for Facebook dating. The first and top on the list is “your Facebook profile has to be 18 years old or above.” The second is “you have to be using or accessing Facebook from a mobile application.”

This means you have to use your Android or iOS smartphone to use the mobile application of Facebook to access this feature. The dating feature is not available if you are using Facebook on your computer.

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Third and the last one is you have to be from an eligible and participating country. So here’s the list of all the countries that currently allow dating features. Here is the list.

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How to fix the Facebook dating feature

Here are the few fixes that you can try one by one on your Android or iPhone until the problem is solved.

Try logging on from a friend’s phone

If you log in to your Facebook account on your friend’s phone and the dating feature shows up. It means you are eligible and you have this feature and it might be the phone that is the issue.

Clear cache on the Facebook app

Clearing the cache on the Facebook app also helps clean the bugs that are causing the app to crash. To clean cache if you go to your phone’s setting>application>Facebook. In the memory, you will find the option that says “clean cache.” Click on it and that should be the general procedure for anyone.

Turn on the Location services

Like other dating applications, the Facebook dating feature needs to access your location to show you profiles of potential matches around you.  This is based on your current geographical location and your distance preferences.

If the location is not granted or the location services are disabled, Facebook will not allow you to use this feature.

Set up a new Facebook profile

I think creating a brand new Facebook profile will help you access the dating feature. I know it may not be what you want to do but creating a new account isn’t too difficult. If it works you might not want to use the new account for social media.  But you might want to use a new account for the dating feature if that’s ok for you.

Uninstall/Reinstall the Application or update it.

The first this you can do about your problem is to uninstall, reinstall or update your Facebook application. This may seem strange but it is surprisingly useful. The big thing you want to do is to make certain that you are using the up-to-date version of the Facebook app.

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Keeping an application up-to-date is important to access the latest and brand new features of the app. More importantly, updates can fix bugs that may be causing the application to crash. These updates also improve security issues that may be hindering the application and preventing it to work smoothly. Thus using the latest version of the app is a must for the overall new experience.

What we may not know about Facebook dating

facebook dating app not showing up, facebook dating not showing up 2021, facebook dating not showing up 2021 android, facebook dating not showing up in menu, facebook dating not showing up iPhone,

Some questions remain unanswered by Facebook and I always wondered if these are the reasons, Facebook dating is not showing up on the menu.

  • On a Facebook profile should a relationship status be set to single? It would make sense but Facebook isn’t giving any information about it.
  • Does Facebook profile history matter? Does it matter how often we use it, how many pictures we have, or how many friends we have on our Facebook profile? We don’t know if any of these matter regarding our eligibility?
  • Does the STANDARD of Facebook profile matter? As we know Facebook is removing certain content or banning certain people to use its features temporarily or permanently. So I’m just wondering if you ever had any sort of strike or issue with your Facebook profile. Does it have any sort of effect on your ability to access the dating features?

Help and Assistance

To make your “Facebook dating app not showing up” matter even worst, Facebook has terrible customer support. You can’t speak to a live person on a Phone. So if you tried all the strategies and fixes in this article and they didn’t work, Facebook is not going to be any help to you either.


As I’ve mentioned above, I’ll give you some help and assistance and help in the end and I’m because there are other opportunities to make online connections outside Facebook. There are other apps and I want to help you to understand what your other options are.

So if you want to take advantage in the comment section tell me a little bit about yourself. How old are you, what is your location? If you do that I’ll you some possible alternatives that might work for you.


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