How to Fix GPS Not Working on iPhone Issue in 2022?

It is a fact that we are dependent on these electronic gadgets for our daily life. What if you are stuck midway to your friend’s new house and your iPhone GPS is not working?

iPhone 6,

This is the problem reported by many iPhone users. It does not specify any model but it can happen to you anytime anywhere.

GPS is an important part of smartphones and that is the fact that we buy such expensive phones because of these things. It’s not just because we have to make a phone call. This article will look at these problems along with their solution.

Do Check the Mark List if Your GPS is Not Working on Your iPhone:

The two most important things you should first check before locating. Firstly, the location of your phone is ON and you have and you have enabled location services for maps.

 Go to home screen find settings then see for Privacy > location service> toggle that switch towards ON side.

Settings app location services setting, GPS,

To enable location services for maps after you have turned location ON, below that switch will be the list of apps, find google maps from there and then allow the location while using the app.

Now check whether iPhone GPS services are working or not.

How to Fix the GPS Not Working Problem of the iPhone?

To fix this problem you can do the following thing:

Check Your Internet Connectivity

Now when you have ensured that your location is ON. This step might help you if your GPS is still not working on your iPhone. 

First check your internet ON but if you are having trouble connecting to the internet with your iPhone do check ‘ How to reset network connections on iphone?’ on our page.

For your ease, I’m giving you a glimpse of what to do

resting network connections on iPhone,

Airplane Mode

If you are experiencing disruptions in navigation then turn airplane mode ON for a few seconds and then turn it OFF it will stabilize the network connectivity.

Airplane Mode on iPhone,

Set time and date

Do check the time and date according to your location because location navigating also requires accurate time and date especially if you are traveling from different time zones.

To do this simply you need to go to settings then tap general, open time, and date, and ensure that the ‘set automatic’ switch is ON.

Changing Date and Time settings,

What if your GPS is not Accurate?

If your GPS is not working on your IPhone or you are having trouble getting signals then at first you should change your location that moves a little bit farther or back because it is might possessively that the place you are standing is having poor satellite signals.

Secondly, if moving does not affect the quality of signals after you have experimented several times then you should contact Apple company because your phone may have a faulty GPS,

What if Your iPhone is Having Trouble Connecting GPS on Bluetooth devices?

If your iPhone is not connecting to Bluetooth devices for navigation then, check the fault of your iPhone especially if it is having iOS 13 or next and the solution to this problem is an update from Apple.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why isn’t my GPS working on an iPhone running iOS 13?

Because it is a software glitch and it can be corrected by an update from the company.

Why is a location not available on my iPhone?

It is because the device is not signed in to ‘ find my friends.

Is there any app for GPS for iPhone?

Apple maps are preinstalled present but for the best navigating app, Google maps are best.

Is there GPS for iPhone when you are offline?

Yes, your GPS remains working even if there is no internet connection or cellular data available.


GPS has become our daily need even if we are traveling from one city to another thus you should be aware of how to tackle problems if GPS is not working on your iPhone. Above mentioned are some ways you can handle your GPS problems.

Do tell us your thoughts about this article and if you have any questions.


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