How To Add Music To Instagram Post (2022 Guide)

Do you want to make your Instagram reels and videos full of attractive music but you don’t know how to add music to Instagram post? Do you want to add the best musical story on your Instagram? There are over a million posts added to Instagram but not every post catch the user’s attention. 

But this time your post will be best because you are going to know the method how to adding music to an Instagram post. You can also add music to your install post by using third parties. The easiest process will be discussed.

So in this article, you will how to add music to Instagram post by using different methods. I assure you that this will get the most effortless process ever. So let’s check out the article for more details.  

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories

If you really want to make your Instagram stories and posts famous and trendy you just have to add a beat that hits the heart. So, If you don’t know how to add music to Instagram posts, here is the easiest method ever with a picture guide. Let’s check the steps.

1: Selecting the content

  • In the first step just open up your app 
  • Click on the plus + button that is available in the top right corner of your screen
  • Then, Choose the option of a story  from the mini list
 Add Music To Instagram first Selecting the content

2: Finding the music option

  • Now select your favorite video or image that you wish to post on Instagram
  • On the top of your screen, a sticker option will appear
  • Then click on that sticker option
 Add Music To Instagram secondly Finding the music option

3: Selection of music icon

  • Here lots of options will appear to decorate your video or picture
  • So, Select the sticker of music
Selection of music icon

4: Choosing the favorite music

  • Here you will get the list of different types of beats and trendy music
  • Obviously, you can select the music or song according to your content 
  • You can also search the music by using the search bar
  • Once you select the music then click on the play icon if you want to check the lyrics before addition
 Add Music To Instagram third Choosing the favorite music

5: Correction and adjustment 

  • In this step, you just have to place the basic bar or lyrics in your favorite place
  • Then you can select your favorite template of music  according to your content
  • Click done after all adjustments
 Add Music To Instagram forth Correction and adjustment 

6: Posting the content

  • You can easily select different fronts and music styles of your need 
  • Add lyrics or a bar of music to your video and then post it.

How To Add Music To Instagram Video Feed Post

Adding music to a post on Instagram or reel post is also very straightforward, If you want to add music to a post on Instagram or reel of Instagram you just have to follow these here is the method how to add music to Instagram post or reels.

  • Open up your Instagram app
  • Click on the plus icon in the upper right corner
  • Select the content that you wish to  post
  • Now tap the option of audio that will appear on your screen on the right middle side
  • Chose the track of your choice
  • Use the play button to check the music or lyrics
  • Select your favorite beat and crop it to get your favorite part according to content
  • Click done

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Frequently asked questions about how to add music to an Instagram post

Why can’t I add music to an Instagram post?

You must have to select a video to add music. But still, if it doesn’t work use any video editing app on your own.

How to add music to Instagram posts without copyright?

The video should be shot and you must have to credit the original artist of that video. 

Can I use copyrighted music on an Instagram post?

No, that post will not be posted on Instagram you must have gotten the license before using that music.

How can I put copyrighted music on Instagram videos for free?

You can go to the library of music content. This feature is similar to facebook’s feature. From that library, you can add music without permission. Click Here for more about Instagram.

Wind Up

In this article, you have learned how to add music to Instagram posts. It’s true that it’s not enough to create good content only a good video contains attractive music. So just follow the method to add music

Pro-Tip To Add The Best Music

  • Choose the beat that matches your content best
  • Select the trending music
  • Create a video that is on trend 

Hopefully, you have got all the instructions related to adding music to posts on Instagram. If this article was sufficient for your knowledge please let me know in the comment section. Thank u!


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