How To Become Best Friends on Snapchat in 2023?

Become Best Friends on Snapchat; Snapchat has never remained behind in making amazing trends for users. This is the main reason that the users always keep indulging in the new trends set by Snapchat. In reality, Snapchat Streak is a process in which a person needs to send photos or videos to the other person and continues to make a streak.

Become Best Friends on Snapchat,

Based on the connection between two people Snapchat considered them to be friends best friends or number one friends. Just to make fun, most people like to become best friends on Snapchat. Hence if you are too interested in becoming a best friend with a specific then we have a guideline for you:

Become Best Friends On Snapchat

It is not a difficult procedure to learn how to become best friends with someone on Snapchat. You just need to know the basics as the rest of the procedure would be easy for you. First, you need to know the basic details.

Basic Details:

  • Snapchat’s best friend means how frequently you are connected with other people.
  • You need to send snaps to the other person continuously and frequently to become best friends.
  • If you want to speed up the process of becoming best friends then it is better to stop sending snaps to others.


Step 1: First, open up the Snapchat account and add the desired person to your friend list by sending a request.

open settings, add to friend,

Step 2: When the other person accepts the friend request it’s time to send streaks to the other person to make a connection.

send a snap,

Step 3: Not only streaks you need to continuously become connected with other people. You can chat or share videos to speed up the process.

send message, in chat,

Step 4: At last, the Snapchat logarithms automatically detect the other person as your best friend and add it to the list.

FAQs About To Become Best Friends On Snapchat

How To Become Someone’s Best Friends On Snapchat?

The best way to become friends is by sending videos and photos frequently to one another. If you want to become best friends then it is encouraged to send as many snaps as you can.

How To Become BFF On Snapchat?

The BFF is the yellow heart as the red one turns yellow when two people become best friends on Snapchat. Similarly, if you keep the Red heart continuously for 2 months then you become a super BFF.

How Many Snaps Does It Take To be Best Friends?

It mainly depends on two factors such as the number of contacts and the frequency you talk with them. Hence if you have few people on Snapchat then sending one snap means you become best friends with another person.

How Do You Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend On Snapchat Fast?

To become the number one best friend with a person you need to send maximum streaks to the other person as compared to others. In this way, Snapchat will make that person the number one best friend in your friend list.

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Snapchat has an amazing advancement with the streak feature. The functionality tries to make a connection between one person with another. To provide you with a helping hand we have explained some details in the article:

Pro-Tip To Become Best Friends On Snapchat

  • Basic details about becoming best friends on Snapchat.
  • The procedure to become best friends on Snapchat.

The above-mentioned guideline would be enough to help you in making contact with your best friends or number one friends on Snapchat. Feel free to ask anything in the comments section regarding your problems.


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