How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story (Guide 2022)

Are you looking to get the best method to stay connected with your fellows and family all the time? The Instagram story is the best one. Therefore lots of features are associated with the story on Instagram but lots of people don’t know how to change background color on Instagram story.

This background-changing feature is very fantastic that can make your simple photos stunning you will get the complete guide. Thus, I also make my Instagram posts and stories by changing the background of my images.

In this article, you are going to learn how to change background color on Instagram story by using different methods. The simplest method with easy navigation will be discussed so don’t miss this blog and let’s check out.

Change Background Colour On Instagram Story

How to change background color on Instagram story in solid

If you want to make your Instagram story even more attractive you have to change its background color according to the content that you post. You can change the background of your story on Instagram by using the following method.

1: Selection

  • In the first step, you have to select the story that you want to post 
  • Make your story ready to post
Select interface

2: Select draw

  • Now you have to select 3 dots that appear on the right upper corner of your screen
  • Two options of the draw and save will appear
  • Select draw
 Select Draw interface

3: Select Color

  • Now you have to select the color that you wish to add to your story background
  • These colors are available at the bottom of your screen
  • You have to press and hold the screen from anywhere on the image
change background color on Instagram  Select color

4: Customise and post

  • Now customize the color according to your need
  • Drag your finger to adjust and select the color
  • Once you choose the color just press and hold it again and your background will change to that color.
change background color on Instagram  Custom Post

How to change background color on Instagram feed post

So, along with story background If you don’t know how to change background color on instagram story and feed posts you have to check these steps. However, in these steps, an easy process of sharing feed posts with changed background color is used. So let’s check out these steps so that you can make your feed attractive.

  • Firstly, go  to the post that you want to share
  • Further, It could be your or someone else feed post
  • Now select the little paper airplane button that will appear below that post
  • After That, tap on the option of adding to your story
  • Your feed post is shared but if you want to change its color select three dots that appear on the top right corner
  • Select the option of a draw
  • Chose the color you want to add
  • So, long press the background to fully add to the image
  • Soli color of the background is added you can also dress up your Instagram story by adding more features

Frequently asked questions about how to change the background color on Instagram story

How to change background color on Instagram story into solid white?

  • Upload a photo from the camera
  • Select the draw option from the top corner
  • Select white color
  • Hold and press to add

How do you get cool backgrounds on Instagram?

Select the plus sign from the top of the screen  to add cool features including text, stickers, GIFs, and more to your stories and posts

How to Create a Background Colour in Instagram Story?

  • Select the post
  • Select draw
  • Add your color
  • Select ok

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Final Remarks

In a nutshell, this was the easiest process to add background to your story as well as feed post you have learned how to change background color on Instagram story. Changing the background of the story makes it even more attractive.

Pro-tip for Instagram users

  • Also, use other features of making your  Instagram story more eye-catching
  • Try to change the color of the story that is more resemble your story

Lastly, you have learned all the basic things about adding or changing the background of Instagram stories and feed posts. If this article was helpful just give a thumbs up in the comment section


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