How to Change Relationship Status on Facebook?

Do you know about relationship status on Facebook? Are you in search of a procedure to learn how to change your relationship status on Facebook? If yes, then you understand that the relationship status on a social media platform like Facebook is very important. People considered it obvious to show the current stage of a relationship.

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If you are married, in love, divorced, or out of love, in any of certain situations. Similarly, you would like to make a clear-cut distinction from others. Facebook is a good platform that shows the status of your relationship. Finally, you can easily add or change your relationship status on Facebook without any help from a third person.

If you have added a relationship status. But now want to change your relationship status on Facebook regarding the current one. You just need to follow the steps that are discussed below. Resultantly, you can easily change your Facebook status quickly:

Open Up Your Profile

  • Android Users: Select the menu button from the top right side of the screen. Then select the profile name.
  • iOS Users: Select the menu button on the lower right side of the screen. After that choose your profile name.

Update Information 

  • Select the “update info” option.
  • Similarly, you can also choose “about” options instead of updating info.

Move To Relationship Status 

  • Android Users: Relationship status would be present in the section “about”.
  • iOS Users: Similarly,  scroll down to find the option of “relationship status”.

Edit The Status

  • Secondly, select the “V” button. Head toward the “edit” relationship.
  • You can also find the “edit” option according to the version of Facebook.

Selecting Status

  • Select the current status to change it.
  • Similarly, you can select the three dots button to remove the relationship status.

Entering Information

  • First, add the name of the person along with other details.
  • The name of the partner will appear on your profile.

Enter Anniversary

  • From the drop-down, you can select the year of the anniversary along with its month.
  • Entering the anniversary is optional.

Privacy Settings

  • From the lower left side, you can choose “privacy settings”.
  • It can be public or only me according to your choice.

Confirm Action

  • Last, once you are finished save the settings.
  • The partner will always get a notification about the relationship.
  • It will appear on the screen once the partner confirms it.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Facebook Change Relationship Status?

Yes, Facebook provides an opportunity to change your status to single, married, divorced, or anything you want. Resultantly, if you change your relationship anyone can view it.

How To Update Relationship Status On Facebook?

First, open up Facebook. At the upper right side of the screen, tap on your profile name. If you head towards “see more” you need to move down until the relationship section. Lastly, add the desired relationship status and then confirm your action.

How Do I Change My Relationship Status?

If you want to change your status then head toward Facebook. In the profile section open up “see more”. Move down to the section which says “relationship”. Hence, you need to edit the status that you have already added to the new one.

Why Is My Facebook Relationship Status Change Not Showing Up On Timeline?

Most of the time when a person changes the status of a relationship to divorced or single or sometimes entirely removes it. In this way, there would be nothing in the relationship status.

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Relationship status on Facebook has a significant place specifically if you are a celebrity. If you want to keep updating your friends and audience regarding your relationships. Then we have a guideline for you. You can change your relationship status on Facebook:

  • Open the profile and update the information.
  • Head towards relationship status and then edit it.
  • Entering the details regarding the status and its anniversary.
  • At last, select privacy and confirm your action.

The procedural details that are discussed will help you to change your status regarding the relationship on Facebook. If you find confusion at any step then contact us through the comments section.


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