How to Delete an Album on Facebook in 2022?

Delete an Album on Facebook; You would be amazed to know that Facebook has proved to be an amazing platform that works to organize different photos. You can save them according to the dates and can easily delete them whenever you want. Saving and deleting a photo album on Facebook is never a tricky procedure.

Delete an Album on Facebook,

It completely depends upon you to choose a specific procedure so that you can delete an album on Facebook. If you are using a mobile phone the process is quite different as compared to the desktop. Despite deleting you can also choose only me through which it can become hidden from friends. 

Delete An Album On Facebook – Step-By-Step Guideline

If you want to know a procedure through which you can easily delete an album from your Facebook account then we have a complete guideline for you. You just follow the procedure as everything is here:

Using Computer:

Step 1: Open up Facebook on your computer and head toward the profile page.

Step 2: Select the “photo” tab that is present below the cover photo. Select the “albums” option present at the upper part of the page.

Step 3: Move down until you find the specific album you want to delete. Click the three dots present at the lower side of the album.

Step 4: In the popup menu select “delete the album”. The system will ask you to confirm the action.

delete the album,

Through Mobile Device:

Step 1: Head towards the Facebook application on your mobile device. Then select the three lines at the lower part of the screen.

Step 2: Open up the profile and move down until you find the option of “photos”. Open it and then go to the “albums” tab.

Step 3: Select the album you want to delete and then open it. Select the three dots and a menu will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Select the “delete album” option and the system will ask you whether you want to confirm it or not.

FAQs About Delete An Album On Facebook

Why Can’t I Delete Albums From Facebook?

Facebook is currently updating specifications on the mobile browser. This is the main reason that you cannot delete different photos or albums. If you delete an album you cannot retrieve it.

Can You Delete An Album In Facebook App?

Yes, you can delete an album on the Facebook application as you just need to go to the album and then select the “delete” option. For this, tap on the album and head towards the edit album. In the options you will find the delete option, select it and then “ok” for confirmation.

Where Are Photo Albums On Facebook?

To get the photo albums you need to tap on the upper right side of Facebook. Select your name and move down until you find the option of photos. Then select the desired album.

What Is A Photo Album On Facebook?

You can easily create a photo album on the Facebook application with the help of different photos, posts, or videos present in your timeline. The collection must be of a specific event, place, or time.

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Ending Remarks

Facebook is an amazing platform that provides you with an amazing opportunity for saving and deleting albums. If you want to know the procedure to delete an album on Facebook then we have two procedures:

Pro- Tip To Delete An Album On Facebook

  • Delete using computer
  • By using the mobile device

Both procedures are discussed in a detailed manner so that you can easily get assistance through them. If you are still getting confused about the procedure then do let us know in the comments section.


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