How to Fix iPhone Charger Cable? Guide 2022

All of us want a properly working iphone charger but don’t properly look after them. That’s why they are broken easily. And, we don’t know how to fix the iPhone charger cable.

Broken iPhone cable,

No worries, you can easily fix your iPhone charger using an electrical cable, heat shrink tubing, and many more methods. To know how it works, read the below article. I always use electrical tape to repair my iPhone charger.

In this article, you will learn how to fix iPhone cables using different methods. Also, you will know how you can fix your broken power adapter. Read the below article to fix your iPhone charger cable.

What are the best ways to fix the iPhone charger cable?

Using Electrical Tape

The most common problem that people deal with when it comes to their Lightning cable. It is that it unravels at the end after some time. It will stop you from working.

cable issue,

By wrapping the unraveled end of the cable with electrical tape, you will be able to fix the wires. Now, make the unraveled portion less open to bending, which will make it last longer.

Using Heat Shrink Tubing

If you prefer a neat-looking solution for a broken USB cable, you can make use of heat shrink tubing to fix it.

You can buy heat shrink tubing from Amazon. Furthermore, you will need a heat gun as well. Although, you can use a hairdryer too.

Splicing and Reconnecting

If your cable disconnects when it is not in the right position. Then, you may have to cut it open to get back to reconnect.

The cables inside can be broken and can make contact only when turned in a specific way. You can join these cables back together. As a result, it will work for a longer period.

What to do if the power adapter is broken?

If a power adapter is not working, it’s best to leave it. There are many complex parts inside and it requires a lot of expertise to fix them.

So, it is best to buy a new one or make use of an OS to charge in the meantime.

How can I get my charger cable to work again?

You can use the following fixes to work it again.

  1. Make sure the charger is turned on. 
  2. Also, check whether the cables are connected correctly or not. 
  3. Check the lights if they are working fine.
  4. Reboot the charging adapter. 
  5. Try a different outlet, maybe it starts working.

Frequently asked questions about to fix iPhone charger cable

How to fix an iPhone charger cable cord?

You can fix an iphone cord easily. By applying electrical tape to unravel portions of the cord and rebooting your devices. It can be due to the reason that your charger may not be connected properly.

It can be too dirty to make the connection. So, clean it before using it. It can be due to the power source. Plug it into another source.

Can you use duct tape to fix your charger?

The main thing is that both the electrical tape and the duct tape are made of non-conductive material. So, it’ll be fine. A broken cord can be fixed with duct tape easily.

Can you replace your Apple cables for free?

Yes, you can replace your Apple cables. Only when you still have a warranty on your Apple devices. Apple will cover the wires under warranties for up to one year and you can easily use them for free.

How long do Apple cables last?

Apple’s cables are bad ones,  lasting only for six months before the coating deteriorates. As a result, the cable starts breaking at the strain relief.

Are Chargers with damaged wires safe to use?

No, it’s not safe to use damaged charges. Charging when moisture is present, can lead to fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to iPhone or other property.

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In this article, you have learned how to fix the iPhone charger cable 2022 guide. The best ways to fix it are the following.

  1. Using Electrical Tape.
  2. Using Shrink Tubing.
  3. Splicing and Reconnecting.

Pro Tip: You can troubleshoot the causes of broken iPhone Chargers by changing the Power source, or iPhone, or replacing the adapter.

Also, You will know the quick solution if your power adapter is broken. Surely, this article will help you in the future. And you can easily fix your iPhone charging cable. Furthermore, if there are any issues regarding iPhone charging cable. You can tell us in the comment box and we will guide you. 


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