How to Fix iPhone Charging Port?

Apple users mostly complain about How to Fix iPhone Charging Port? Because they don’t know how to fix them without any cost. No worries, you can easily fix them by preventing iPhone software or checking your lightning cable adapter.

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Whenever I face such a problem, I fix it by preventing software solutions. You can also use it by following the below-mentioned solution. 

In this article, you will also learn how to fix your wall adapter, if it is damaged. Read the solutions and all your problems will vanish.

What are the two best ways to easily fix iPhone charging port?

The two best ways to easily fix iPhone charging ports are the following.

Prevention of iPhone’s Software

When you charge your phone, it’s due to the software instructing the phone to charge. Also, you’ll need to force reset/hard reset your phone to test this method.

Furthermore, try a hard reset by holding both the on/off button and the home button for up to 30 seconds. As a result, your phone will restart, resulting in the screen first turning black, then the Apple logo will appear on the screen. 

Prevention of iPhone’s Software,

But when the Apple logo is viewed, you can stop holding both buttons and allow the phone to restart. Once the phone is fully reset, try plugging the phone into your charger. Hence, this easy solution solved your problem. If not, you’ll want to check off the below possible solution. 

Lightning Cable is Damaged

First, check your Lightning Cable to see if there is any visible damage to the cable itself. Now, inspect both the cord and the connector. If you do see the damage, it’s time to buy a new Lightning Cable.

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But, if there is no visible damage, try using your computer as a charger by connecting your iPhone to your Lightning Cable. Also, plug in the cable to your computer’s USB port. 

Lastly, make sure that if you have a non-Apple (off-brand) Lightning Cable, those products tend to wear and break more easily than Apple products.

How to fix if your wall adapter is damaged?

The simplest method to make sure your Wall Adapter is working properly is to try plugging it into a different outlet.

This may sound weird, but there are times when a fuse may have blown in your house or apartment. Also,  that one outlet or room may not be powered. But,  if your outlets are working properly, try using another Lightning Cable.

Furthermore, if both cables produce the same outcome, then you’ll know that your Wall Adapter is faulty.

Frequently asked questions about how to fix iPhone charging port.

How to fix the charger port of the iPhone?

Follow these steps to fix the charger port of the iPhone.

  1. First, remove any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your device.
  2. Also, restart your iPhone or iPod touch.
  3. Now, try a different USB cable or charger.
  4. Make sure that you have the new version of the iPhone.
  5. Lastly, contact Apple Support to set up the service.

How much $dollar it cost to fix a charging port? 

Apple charges $69 for out-of-warranty battery replacement. Whereas third-party shops can often do this for a bit less amount. But, an iPhone 11 charging port repair costs about $150 to $175, depending on which model you own (base, Pro, or Pro Max).

How much does it cost to fix a loose charging port iPhone?

It costs between $2 and $30 for a new charging port, depending on the model. Also, whether you buy a standalone charging port or a flex cable/assembly.

How can I know if I need a new charger port?

One way to check if the actual charging port is the issue is to test your charger on another device. If your cord and wall plug charge a different device without issue. That suggests that your phone, not the charger, is the main problem.

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In this article, you have learned how to fix iPhone charging port. You can easily fix the charging port by using any of the methods

  1. Check if your iPhone’s software is preventing you from charging.
  2. The lightning cable is damaged.

Pro Tip: You can also replace the iPhone charging port at a professional repair shop.

Through this article, you can easily fix the iPhone charging port. Also, you can fix your wall adapter if it is damaged. If you have any questions related to the above article, we will help you by writing them in the next article. Hit the like button, so I will get to know that you read and liked the article. 


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