How To Get iPhone Apps On Mac In 2022?

    Are you a Mac user? If yes, then you might be thinking about whether it is possible to get iPhone apps on mac. And you want to download your favorite apps.

    No worries, because you can download your desired app in seconds through the “Mac App Store”. I always use the Mac App Store, it saves me time and effort.

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    For downloading iPhone apps on mac you just have to follow 5 simple steps mentioned below in this article. If it does not work you can use the other method. You can also use the iPhone as a mouse for mac through this article.

    What are the methods to download iPhone apps on mac?

    Following are the 6 steps to download iPhone apps on Mac

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    6  easy steps to download iPhone apps

    It is the easiest and simple method to download apps. You only have to know how the App Store works on Mac. Following are the 6 simple steps for downloading apps on Mac.

    1. Firstly, click on the App Store icon.
    iPhone Apps Store icon
    1. Secondly, in the App Store, click on the search field on your Mac.
    2. Then start typing the app that you want to download. (Note that not all iPhone apps are available on the mac app store).
    3. Then click on the iPhone & iPad apps tab.
    4. Next, tap on the Get button beside the app search result.
    5. Finally, Now download it.

    Through this method, you will be able to run ios apps on mac.

    Comparatively, you can download your derided app from that method. So, you can see which apps have been originally designed for the iPhone. Those apps not compatible with your Mac are labeled as ‘Not Verified for macOS’.

    What are the reasons that iOS apps are not available on Mac?

    There are 2 main reasons which are following

    Allow their apps to view in store

    The app developer has to approve the apps to show up in the Mac App Store.

    Apps rely on features

    The number of apps for iPhone and iPad depends on the features such as accelerometer, GPS tracking, and other features which are not present on any Mac.

    Frequently Asked Questions about how to run iPhone apps on mac?

    How can I use an iPhone as a mouse for Mac?

    On your Mac, open the App Store and search for the Remote Mouse app. Install the app. Now, download the Remote Mouse on your Android phone. On both of your phones open the app and sync them together. Once they are synced, you can use your phone as a mouse and even a keyboard to use your remote-control Mac from your iPhone.Now, you can easily remote control Mac from your iPhone.

    Can I sync iPhone contacts to Mac?

    Yes, by following these steps you can sync contacts easily.

    • Connect your Mac to your device.
    • On your Mac, in the finder, tap on the device in the Finder sidebar.
    • In the button bar, click on the Info icon.
    • Do any of the steps.
    • When your device is ready to sync, click Apply.

    How can I access iPhone apps on my computer?

    By using the USB cable, click on iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Now, tap the device icon in iTunes. Click on File Sharing at the left bar. Tap on any one of the apps and its file. By clicking on the Save option, it will be saved.

    Can I download iPhone apps to my computer?

    Yes, you can easily download iPhone apps to your computer by launching iTunes. And then select iTunes Store. Alter the category to the App Store and select an app. Now, tap on the Get icon. It only works on the older version of iTunes.

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    In this article, you have learned how to get iPhone apps on mac. By following these below-mentioned steps you can quickly get apps.

    • Click on the Mac App Store.
    • Tap on your profile.
    • Tap the ‘iPhone & iPad Apps.
    • Download the app.

    Pro Tip: Do not download an app that is not compatible with your Mac.

    Suppose you want to know the reasons why your apps are not available on Mac. Do check the above article. I hope this article will help you in the future as well.

    If you are facing any problems do tell us in the comment section. And we will surely tell you the solution in the following article. If you like the article, Hit on the like button.


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