How To Remove A Comment On Facebook in 2023?

Remove a comment on Facebook: do you like using Facebook? Obviously Yes, teenagers as well as adults in the present world have greatly engaged in the Facebook activity. Facebook also provides new trends and features to keep its users active. Facebook is a social media platform hence you would face a lot of people with different mentalities on Facebook.

Comment On Facebook,

Sometimes a person in a different state of mind hence comments on a post randomly. After some time if you realize that the comment is not good enough to be present publicly. In this scenario, you can easily remove a comment on Facebook without giving a single hint to any other person. 

Remove A Comment On Facebook

Even if most people use Facebook for a very long time, they don’t know how do I delete a comment on Facebook. The process of removing a comment is not difficult yet you need to know the entire guideline. The procedure that you need to follow to delete a comment on Facebook is written here:

Deleting A Comment

If you want to know the procedure through which you can delete a single comment from a post. It is written here:

Step 1: Selecting A Comment 

  • Search for the post on which you have made a comment that you want to delete.
  • You cannot delete others’ comments on someone else’s post.
  • A person is allowed to delete others’ comments on their post and their comment on others’ posts.

Step 2: Tap And Hold

  • Press and then hold the comment for a few seconds and this will show a pop-up notification.
  • In the notification menu, there would be a list of options.

Step 3: Select Delete

  • Select the delete option to remove a comment from the Facebook post.
  • In this way, the comment will immediately disappear from the post.

FAQs About Remove A Comment On Facebook

How To Delete A Comment On Facebook?

If you want to delete a comment from your Facebook account then head toward a specific post. Open up the desired comment, press, and hold it for a few seconds. From the popup, the notification selects the “delete” option and then confirms your action.

How To Delete All Comments On Facebook?

To delete all comments from Facebook the procedure is here:

  • Head toward the profile and select the activity log.
  • Choose a filter and move down until group comments.
  • Then, select the desired comment and then delete it.

Why Can’t I Delete A Comment I Made On Facebook?

Most people don’t know how do you delete a comment on Facebook hence needing help. You just need to select the post and then choose the delete option regarding the comment you have made.

How Do I Delete A Post On Facebook 2022?

Select the profile name in the upper right side of Facebook and move down until the desired post. At Last, select the “delete post” option by tapping on the upper right side to remove it. Confirm your action to immediately remove the post.

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Bottom Line

Facebook is a wide platform hence a single inappropriate comment can cause you great damage. If you find that your comment is not up to the mark you can immediately remove it. We have described an amazing solution through which you can remove a comment without any help:

Pro-Tips To Remove A Comment On Facebook

  • Search for the post
  • Select a specific comment
  • Choose the delete option.

The above-mentioned three simple steps would be enough to remove your comment from any post. If the guideline helps clear the confusion present in your mind then let us know in the comments section.


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