How To Remove A Reaction On Facebook in 2023?

Remove A Reaction On Facebook; Facebook is a wide platform that helps you to reach your family members, friends, and other known people online. Facebook facilitates you in different ways as now you don’t need to waste your time typing long messages. You can directly use a reaction feature to explain hundreds of words singly.

Reaction on Facebook,

There is also a situation in which a person wants to delete, undo, or remove a reaction on Facebook. Sometimes a sudden reaction to a post may become the cause of embarrassment. In such scenarios, most people first like to remove the reaction before anyone can see it. To help you in this regard we have information guidelines for you.

Remove A Reaction On Facebook – All You Want To Know!

In the previous version of Facebook, a person can remove a reaction just by clicking on it. As Facebook has updated its interface now you cannot remove it with a single click. You need to know the procedure to remove a reaction on Facebook. The process is described here:

Solution 1: Remove Reaction From Story 

The quick guideline is written here:

  • Open up the official Facebook application and head toward the specific Facebook story.
  • Select the three dots at the upper part of the screen and then tap on “undo sent reaction”.
  • There would be a question from Facebook whether you want to undo all the reactions.
  • Just select the “undo” button and in this way, Facebook will confirm your action.

Solution 2: Remove A Reaction From Post

The procedure to remove a reaction from a post is here:

  • Head towards the Facebook application and open up your profile tab.
  • Choose the three dots present at the upper part of the screen and then open up the “activity log”.
  • Select “filters” and then go to the “categories” section.
  • After that, select “interaction” and then choose the “all” button.
  • Now again select the three dots beside any reaction you want to remove.
  • At last, select the “remove reaction” option to confirm your work.

FAQs About Remove A Reaction On Facebook

Can You Delete Reactions On Facebook Post?

Yes, Facebook allows its users to delete reactions on Facebook posts without any hindrance. You just need to remove the old reaction and then post the new one immediately.

Can You Remove Likes?

Yes, you can remove likes from a specific post or a page. You just need to head towards the specific host and then tap on your like. This will automatically remove your likes.

How To Remove A Reaction On Facebook?

If you want to remove a reaction from a post or comment then just press and hold your reaction. Select the new reaction and in this way, the old one would be automatically removed.

How Do I, Unlike A Post?

If you want to unlike a post then it is a simple procedure. You just need to head toward the specific post and then tap on the like button if you have liked it. It will automatically be unlike it.

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Wrap Up

Sometimes a person reacts to a specific post in a specific mood. After some time he or she may realize that the reaction is not appropriate. In such a situation, you can directly remove a reaction on Facebook before anyone can watch it. We have described two amazing procedures:

  • Remove reaction from a Facebook post
  • Removing reaction from the Facebook story

We hope that the above-mentioned procedure will help you to get out of any miserable situation. If you need more information regarding Facebook reactions or anything else then let us know in the comments section.


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