How To Remove Like On Facebook in 2023?

You must have witnessed in some situations that while scrolling up you unintentionally like a post. In this sudden procedure, a person is never conscious. Hence in such scenarios, people want to know a procedure to remove like on Facebook. Most people think that removing likes from a Facebook post is a quite tricky process and takes time.

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The amazing thing is that you don’t even need to take help from a third person. A simple and quick procedure is available to remove like. You just need to grab a cup of coffee and dive into the details we have provided in this article. We have explained every step through which you can easily remove like from your Facebook account.

Remove Like On Facebook – Complete Guideline

In the older version of Facebook, you can easily remove like but the new versions have different procedures. Most people don’t know how do you delete a like on Facebook from the activity log. To help you in this situation a quick guideline is here:

Removing Likes Through Desktop

  • If you are a desktop user, head toward a browser and open up a Facebook account. There is a drop-down icon at the upper part of the screen, select it.
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  • The main menu will appear on the screen where we need to select the “settings and privacy” options.
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  • In the menu of settings and privacy, you would find the “activity log” option. Select it to open up a new menu.
app settings,
  • Select the “interactions” option and then head towards “likes and reactions” in it.
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  • There you will see all the posts that you have liked. Find the desired post and click the three dots beside it.
 app settings,
  • Select the “unlike” button from the menu to remove like on Facebook.

Remove Likes Through Mobile

  • For mobile users, it’s time to head toward the Facebook application and then enter the credentials to sign in.
  • Select three horizontal lines. In an iOS device, the lines would be on the lower right side while in an android device it is on the top.
  • Move down in the menu and then select “settings and privacy”. Open up the “settings” option.
  • In the next menu, select “your information” section and then choose the “activity log”.
  • Select “interactions” and then open up the “likes and reactions” option.
  • When you select the desired post from all the posts you have liked up till now. Tap on the three dots present beside the desired post.
  • Choose the “unlike” button to remove your like from the specific post.

FAQs About Remove Like On Facebook

How To Remove A Like On Facebook?

Removing likes from a Facebook post is the most straightforward procedure. You just need to open up the specific post and then hit the like button if you have liked it. By hitting the button again, your like would be removed from a post.

How To Delete Likes On Facebook?

If you want to delete likes from your Facebook account then the procedure is here:

  • Open up the specific page or a post.
  • Check whether you liked it or not.
  • If you have liked it then tap on the unlike button to remove like.

How To Remove A Like On Facebook From Someone Else?

To remove a like from someone else’s Facebook account then open up the profile. In the drop-down menu, you will appear an option for likes and reactions. Select the unlike button and this will remove likes.

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Sum Up

Facebook is a wide platform to get interacted with a variety of people. In this interaction, if you want to remove your like on a specific post then we have a guideline for you through two procedures:

  • Remove like through the desktop.
  • Removing like through mobile.

If you find a query at any step in the guideline then feel free to ask any question in the comments section.


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