How to Save a Post on Facebook in 2023?

You must have noticed that a lot of things are happening on the Facebook platform which makes it an overwhelming experience. How would you feel if you recently went through a post yet cannot find it later? Facebook has an amazing feature through which you can easily save a post and can trace it later at any time.

Save a Post on Facebook,

Like other platforms, this platform also allows you to save a post on Facebook and can access it anytime. A person can save videos, photos, pages, events, links, posts, or anything related to a specific account. All the saved items are considered “collections”. Let’s know about the complete procedure to save a post on Facebook.

Save A Post On Facebook

Most people like to learn about the procedure to save a post on Facebook and after that, they need to learn how to find a draft post on Facebook. Let’s know about both the procedures in the given guideline for your help:

Saving Post:

Step 1: Open up the Facebook account and then select the post you would like to save. After that select the three dots present at the upper part of the screen.

Step 2: Select the “save post” option. 

For Desktop Users:

  • If you are using a desktop then choose the “collection” option from the popup notification and then make a new collection. 
  • Then select “done” to confirm this action.

For Mobile Users:

  • If you are using a mobile browser then select the “saved items” option. 
  • Tap on the same post and a notification will appear that says “add to collection”. 
  • A list of collections will appear and here you need to create a new one.

Accessing Draft:

If you want to access the saved items on Facebook then the procedure is here:

For Desktop Users:

  • Open up the Facebook home page and select the “saved” option present in the left side options.
  • You can also click the “see more” option to open up the sidebar.
  • In the saved items there would be a complete collection of saved things on Facebook.

For Mobile Users:

  • Open up the Facebook application and select the Hamburger icon.
  • Choose the “saved” option and this will appear the most recently saved items at the part.
  • The complete collection of saved items would be under it.

FAQs About Save A Post On Facebook

How To Find Saved Posts On Facebook?

You can follow this procedure:

  • Open up Facebook and tap on the upper right side.
  • Then, select the “save” option.
  • Choose the collection present at the upper part of the screen.

How To Find Draft Posts On Facebook?

First, you need to select the “post and stories” option present at the lower part of the screen. Select the arrow present in the drop-down quite next to the published option. Hence, choose the “draft” option and this will open up the post.

How to Find Saved Items On Facebook Marketplace?

First, you need to open up Facebook and then choose the top right option. Select the “saved” items option so that you can view items on the Facebook marketplace.

Can You Download A Facebook Post?

Facebook has provided an opportunity for its users that they can download anything related to their accounts.  A person can download posts, photos, messages, comments, or even ads.

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Ending Remarks

The world is so busy that you cannot utilize every part of your day. In this situation, if we went through an important thing yet cannot work on it at present. For this reason, Facebook provides different opportunities to users which help them in everyday work. Today, we have learned two amazing procedures:

Pro-Tip To Save A Post On Facebook

  • Save the post from the timeline.
  • Access the post from the draft items.

We expect that the above-mentioned procedures are enough to help you in saving important data and then access it later. You can get guidelines easily by contacting us in the comments section.


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