How to save iPhone Data? Set Data Usage Limit like a Pro: 2022 Guide

We all buy mobile data for our smartphones to keep it for long period, but what usefully happens is when you need it it is long gone. So if you are also facing this problem and want to save your iPhone data, you are at the right place.

Keep reading this article, till the end and I’ll not only show you how to save iPhone data but also I’m sharing tips and tricks to limit your data usage will limit like a pro.  

How do I save data from my iPhone?

Before I share any tips and tricks with you, first thing first. Keep the cellular data off on your iPhone if you’re not using it. Most people don’t use Data but keep it open but they don’t know that due to some background activities, data is always consuming.

I’ll discuss the data-consuming factor and background app refresh. So this is the most useful and pro tip for you. If you are not using your cellular data just make sure it is turned off.

Why is my iPhone draining data so fast?

Here is a tip for you if your iPhone is draining data so fast, in your iPhone settings called “background app refresh.” You will find it in the general sections of your iPhone’s settings.

Set Data Usage Limit

What is a Background app refresh?

Background app refresh lets the apps download new content on your iPhone or iPad and if it’s “On” it can work on Cellular data.

The bad news for you is there is no limit to this data consumption and if you let it run by cellular data, there is no telling how fast you can lose your data.

The good thing is you can set it to Wi-Fi to save your data and this is a very useful tip for you to save iPhone data and keep the apps up-to-date as well.

Background app refresh

Can you set a usage limit on iPhone or iPad?

The answer to your question is “yes” and by doing it properly you can save a fair amount of data on your device. This is the easiest and simplest way because only you can do it better than anyone on your device.

Turn off cellular data for apps you aren’t using!

Turn off cellular data

This is easy, just open the settings app and go to the “cellular data”. Scroll down and you will the list of apps that are using your cellular data. Here you know which app you use most so you can turn it off for certain apps to save iPhone data.

For example. You don’t use the “Map app” in your use very often, you can simply turn the cellular data for it. When you open the app, you will see a pop-up saying “turn on cellular” data.

Put your iPhone in Low Data Mode!

iPhone in Low Data Mode

This is another option Apple introduced a while ago. With the low data mode, you can set your device data usage to a very low scale to save it. By turning it on, your internet will run slow but if you just keep the cellular data on to receive notifications on your iPhone.

This is the best way to keep the cellular data turn on and save it at the same time. Click here if you want more about Data Usage Limit.

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In this article, you’ve learned how to save data on your iPhone. And now you know the tips and tricks to set a data usage limit on your iOS device. If you apply these tips on your iPhone you’ll have two advantages;

  • Limit data usage.
  • Save the battery life of your device.    

More pro tips to save iPhone data:

  • Turn off location service.
  • Close all apps after using.
  • Make sure that the personal hotspot is off.
  • Turn off auto-download on cellular data.
  • Make sure that the backup is turned off over cellular data.

Which data-saving trick do you best use and which one you didn’t know before? Let me know in the comment section. 


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