How to Share YouTube Video to Instagram in 2023?

Sharing videos on Instagram by making reels has become so famous nowadays. Sometimes people like videos on YouTube and want to share them with their loved ones on Instagram. But, I don’t know how they can easily share YouTube video to Instagram.

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No worries, because you can easily share YouTube videos to an Instagram story by using a YouTube link. Whenever I want to share a video, first I download it and then share the link on Instagram to upload.

If you are in a hurry, do read the quick way to post a YouTube video on Instagram. To know how you can share videos on Instagram using the link, read the below article.

What is the best method to share YouTube video to Instagram story?

To share a YouTube video on an Instagram story, follow the below steps:

Share YouTube video to Instagram using the link 

Copy video link from YouTube

Click on YouTube, open the video which you want to share, and follow the steps: 

  1. Under the video title, tap on the “Share” button on your app or phone.
  1. Choose now the “Copy Link” option when different sharing options are viewed.

Tap the Add sign from Instagram

 Below are the steps to search the “Add” sign:

  • Sign in to your Instagram account first. Now, below the navigation pane tap on your profile picture.
  • Now the navigation bar will be opened and you will see above the navigation bar an “Add (+)” sign.
  • Further, to add a story click on the “Story” option.

Tap the Sticker Icon on App

  1. In the above step, after clicking on “Story”, the app camera opens up and shows multiple options.
  2. Now, tap on the “Create” option to make a new story.
  3. Look at the above screen, it will show you the “Sticker icon”, click on it.

Paste the link from YouTube & post

After clicking on the sticker icon, follow the below steps to share your video.

  1. Now, tap on the sticker named “Link”
  2. It will show you the “Add Link” also. Now, paste the URL (link) into the “URL field”
  3. Click on the “Done” option also if you are satisfied with the link.
  4. Finally, tap on the “Your Stories” option to upload the video link.

Through this method, you can easily share YouTube videos on Instagram.

What is the quick way to post a YouTube video on Instagram?

Follow the below steps to quickly post a YouTube video on Instagram.

  1. Sign in to your Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  2. Now, click on the plus icon (+) and then click on Story.
  3. Above the side of the screen click on the chain icon.
  4. Now, click on the link and paste the URL to your YouTube video then click on the “Done” option.
  5. Also, click on “Your Story” or close Friends to post it.

Frequently asked questions about how to share YouTube video to Instagram

How can you simply share someone else’s YouTube video on the Instagram story?

Yes, you can simply share someone else’s YouTube video on Instagram. But, there is no direct way to share videos. So, download the video first from your mobile phone and then post or upload it to Instagram.

Can people use a YouTube video without copyright?

People can’t use a YouTube video that they haven’t created. The secure way to avoid copyright is to only use the content created by yourself. Also, if you are only using videos and music that you have made yourself. You don’t have to worry about copyright claims because you are the copyright owner.

How to repost other people’s YouTube videos?

You cannot repost other people’s videos on YouTube. Because it is against YouTube’s terms of service, but it’s also a violation of the rules. Looting other people’s content is a theft also.

What is the easiest way to upload a video on an Instagram story?

Open your Instagram newsfeed and click on the video or photo that you want to upload. Now, click on the Add post or video to your story.

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In this article, you have learned how to share YouTube video to Instagram. Following are the steps to share the video to Instagram as a story through the link.

  1. Copy the video link from YouTube.
  2. Now, tap the Add sign from Instagram.
  3. Tap the Sticker Icon also on the App.
  4. Further, paste the URL of YouTube & post.

Pro Tip: You can repost someone’s videos on Instagram from another user by using the Instagram application, a 3rd party application, or a screen recording.

Also if you want to know how to post a YouTube video on Instagram quickly, do read the article above. If you have any questions related to sharing or posting YouTube videos on Instagram, do tell us in the comment section. 


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