How to Store Passwords on iPhone? Autofill password iOS: 2022 Guide

Store Passwords on iPhone: You might visit different types of websites while browsing through Safari or Google Chrome on your iPhone or iPad. Some of the websites may require a “User name” or “password.” But did you know you can save passwords on iPhone or iPad?

How to Store Passwords on iPhone? Autofill password iOS

You can securely save any user name, password, or any website, social media app, streaming app, etc. this way when you visit a certain app or website, while “signing in,” your iPhone will automatically fill in details of your ID.

So keep reading this article because I’m going to show you how to store passwords on your iPhone. Since all the passwords will be saved on your device you need to make sure that no one has access to it. I’ll also explain how to secure these passwords.

Can you Store and autofill passwords on your iPhone?

The answer to that question is yes obviously, You can store different website and app passwords on your iPhone or iPad. Firstly, all you need to do is go to your iPhone settings scroll down and you will see “passwords and accounts.”

Store and autofill passwords on your iPhone

After that Click on “website and passwords” and you can see all the saved passwords in the picture. Moreover, If you want to store new passwords on your iPhone. Just click on the “Plus button,” and put the website URL, user name, and password.

Each time you go to that particular website or app to log in, obviously, your iPhone will automatically show a password icon on your keyword. This means that you’ve already saved the password for that particular website on your iPhone.

Click on the key, By face recognization, iPhone will check if it’s you and autofill the user name and password for you. Click Here for more about Autofill passwords on iOS.

How to save passwords in chrome for iOS?

You can easily save passwords in Google Chrome for iOS, all you need to do is open a certain website on Chrome like Facebook. In the “log in” section, you put “user name” and “password” once you click on the login button. 

If you see a key icon at the top left side of your browser, tap on it.

save passwords in chrome for iOS

Click on the Key icon and you’ll see a pop-up saying “save password”. Your password will be saved in the chrome browser on iOS. To see the saved password on your Chrome browser, just open chrome, and click on your profile picture.

finally, Tap on “settings” and you will see “password,”. Here are all your saved password for websites and you can easily access them.

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The password secure folder is “iCloud keychain”. You can access the Keychain option by using the latest version of iOS on your device.

So in this article, you have learned how to store passwords on your iPhone or iPad? How do autofill passwords on your iOS device work? It is super easy and with face recognition, no one can use your passwords.

I hope this guide was helpful for you, if it was leave a comment. Also if you’re using a password-saving third-party app on your iPhone and If this is good then let us know in the comment section.   


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