How to Tag People on Linkedin in 2023?

Linkedin is a platform where you can show your skills and get a job easily. But, to make your profile engaging you need to make connections by tagging and mentioning people. So, how can someone easily tag people on Linkedin?

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You can easily tag someone by adding a ‘@’ sign with that person’s username. Whenever I post something related to business, I always tag relevant people which makes my profile more engaging and visible.

Also, to know how to tag someone on LinkedIn, read the below article. Furthermore, LinkedIn tagging will boost your profile and you will get more connections.

What is the easy way to tag people on Linkedin?

You can easily tag someone on LinkedIn through these steps

  1. First, type ”@” and go to that place where you mention someone from your contacts such as comments and content.
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  1. Also, it will show you your connections alphabetically.
  2. When Linkedin will show people in its search bar then you will tag them with their names.
  3. Now, the name will appear in bold letters on a PC, and its changes to a blue color on an android phone.
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  1. Finally, you will tap on “Publish”. Also, you will get a notification of mentioned users.

In this way, you can simply tag someone on LinkedIn.                

How to tag someone in the LinkedIn post on PC?

You can tag someone in a Linkedin post on your computer using the below-mentioned steps.  

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn, it will show your home page. Now, you will tap on create a post or start a post.
  • You will also tap on @ button on your keyboard and you will write the name of those persons which you want to tag. It will show you the list separately so that you can easily mention them.
  • Now, you will choose the person and if the name is bold you will confirm that the tag is working.

Frequently asked questions about how to tag people on Linkedin

Is tagging and mentioning people in a post the same?

Content creators can only tag someone. While anyone can do anything. Also, better to choose to tag because sometimes mentions are lost somewhere (that means the newsfeed only views the most recent notifications). Whereas tagging is viewed individually.

Is mentioning someone on Linkedin a good option?

When you mention members or connections in your post, it boosts engagement with your comments and posts. The members or connections which you mention will be notified about the comment or post.

Is tagging people on Linkedin a good approach?

Tagging people on Linkedin is a good approach because it means praising something they have written and participated in an upcoming conference or event. Also, to highlight their involvement. Tagging and mentioning someone in this way can lead to engagement with your comments and posts. Further, people notice the latest updates.

How can you simply tag people on LinkedIn after posting?

You can easily and simply tag and edit someone, even if you have shared a post or posted a comment.

Is there any limit to mentioning people in a LinkedIn post? 

You can tag people up to 20 to 30 per photo. Also, you can simply tag them by writing the name of the member you want to tag. Further, to tag it, tap on the name of the person. Repeat this step to get more taggings. 

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In this article, you learned about how to tag people on Linkedin. Below are the quick steps to tag people on Linkedin.

  • First, type ”@” and open contacts.
  • Now, it will show you your connections.
  • When Linkedin will show a list then tag people with their names.
  • Now, the name will appear on your screen.
  • Finally, tap on “Publish”. (Also, you will get a notification of mentioned users).

Pro Tip: Instead of 5 people, it’s better to mention or tag an influencer to make your reach high.

Also, if you want to know how to tag someone in a Linkedin post on PC, read the above article. If you are facing any problems tagging someone on Linkedin, do tell us in the comment section.

Further, if you want to know more about Linkedin mentions and taggings, do tell us. Share this article with someone who is stuck between tagging and mentioning someone on Linkedin.


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