How to Time Lapse a Video on Android? Guide 2023

Time-lapse a video on android; Do you want to capture a whole moment of hours in seconds? Do you want to make your memories faster? All you need to do is time-lapse a video.  Timelapse is the process of making a video from different perspectives. 

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Time Lapse a Video on Android,

So in this blog, you are going to get all the information related to the best quality video on android. It is just an easy process. If you want to grab all the information just check in and let’s get started.

How to time-lapse a video on android with a built-in camera?

There are lots of smartphones that offer built-in time-lapse functions. You are blessed if you have any of them. The reason behind this is easiness. If you have a built-in time-lapse then you are the luckiest one. So let’s check out the process.

Step 1: Go to the camera

  • Firstly you have to unlock your smartphone
  • Secondly, open up you’re camera

Step 3: Video mode

  • Thirdly there are lots of options that appear on the screen in the form of bars
  • Here you have to switch the camera to video mode

Select step 3: selection and setting

  • Lastly, you have to select the option of time-lapse
  • Set the video resolution and place your phone at the desired place where you wish to shoot
  • You are done with all the processes.
settings on camera,

Things to consider while shooting a timelapse

Well, not everyone is an expert but still, if you want to make your timelapse video then you must have an idea about a few tips. So here are some tips or tricks that help you to shoot a video on android

  • You must have an idea that such types of videos need ample amount of hours so your battery must be fully charged must use a tripod
  • If you wish to shoot a video on a busy street then you have to set a time to 3 to 5 minutes with 5 to 6 houses.
  • Keep airplane mode on While shooting a timelapse video.
  • If the option of time-lapse is not available you can use special apps for timelapse.
  • Those apps will help you to edit your video or make it even more magical.

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Frequently asked questions about time-lapse a video on android

Can I time-lapse a video on android?

Yes, it is possible to time-lapse a video on android. Certain smartphones have this feature

Do android phones have a time-lapse?

Yes, there are lots of highly functioning smartphones that contain the option of built-in time-lapse.

What if there is no option for timelapse on my smartphone?

If you have a middle-quality smartphone with no option to time-lapse a video on android you can install and use any third-party app from the play store.


You are done with all the basic information. In this blog, you have learned all the processes time-lapse a video on android. The process was very straightforward and if you don’t have a built-in time-lapse camera you can also go for third-party apps. If you found this blog helpful, leave a positive comment. Thank you.


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