How do I Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone in 2022?

All of us want to purchase the latest phones and want to use all its new features. Also, are you going to purchase a new iPhone? But how will you transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone?

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No problem, you can transfer your WhatsApp data by following the below steps and by using an app. Furthermore, I always use the iCareFone app which is the easiest one.

In this article, you will learn how do I transfer WhatsApp data from android to iphone. Also, I will tell you the steps to use the iCareFone app to transfer data from android to iphone too.

What is the easiest way to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone?

Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi before following the below steps. First, unlock your iPhone and follow the instructions of the setup assistant. Now, open the Apps & Data screen and click and select Move Data from Android.

  • First, download and install the Move to iPhone app on your Android device. After installation, do the same and click Continue. 
  • Now, click on Agree option. 
  • Furthermore, regardless you want to send app usage data to Apple Servers. I will select Don’t send for this example.
  • As a result, It will now request Location Permission. Click and allow the same depending on your preferences. Furthermore, turn on the location if it is turned off.
  • Now, the page will show ‘Find Your Code’. Move to your iPhone device and watch the screen. Click Continue on the Move from the Android page.
  • Furthermore, you will have a verification code available to you.
  • Click Continue.
  • Now write the One-Time Code shown on your iPhone device.
  • Also, your iPhone will now create a temporary Wi-Fi network. Click on ‘Connect’.
  • The Transfer data screen will appear on the screen with the option to select the data you wish to transfer. Select Whatsapp from the screen.
  • Now, click ‘Start’ on your Android phone once Whatsapp is open and click on ‘Next’. Wait for the transfer to complete and click on ‘Continue’.

After the complete transfer, continue with the instructions. Now, install Whatsapp from the App Store. Login to your WhatsApp with the previously used phone number. After logging in, it will automatically detect the transfer data. Now, to restore data and continue with the instructions. Hence, your iPhone is activated on WhatsApp. Also, you will be able to access your old data.

Can I transfer from Android to iPhone with the iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer app?

Yes, you can transfer from Android to iPhone by using the below steps

1. First, download the iCareFone Transfer app on your Android. 

iCareFone Transfer app

2. Now, connect Android and iPhone devices with a USB OTG cable.

3. At last, start to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

As a result, it will be transferred. 

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone. 

What is the best way to restore WhatsApp backup from android to iPhone?

By using Cloud backup.

What is the process to transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone for free?

Through this process, we can move WhatsApp from android to iPhone. Also, install the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store and Open WhatsApp.

Now, log in using the old phone number used on your old device. Also, tap on the Start option and allow the process to complete. After activation is complete, You’ll see your chats.

Why is Move to iOS not working?

You have to make sure that cellular data is turned off on the Android phone. Furthermore, deselect the “Smart network switch” on your Android phone.

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In this article, you will learn how to transfer WhatsApp data from android to iPhone. Follow these simple steps to do so.

  1. First, open the Move to iOS app on your phone and follow the instructions.
  2. A code will appear on your iPhone.
  3. Now, click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Also, tap on WhatsApp on the Transfer Data screen.
  5. Furthermore, click on the START button on your Android and wait for WhatsApp to make the data for export.

Pro Tip: Use the iCareFone app for best results.

Furthermore, If you want to know how I transfer WhatsApp data using iCarefone, do read the above article. And If your problem is not solved, do tell us in the comment section. We will help you out by writing the solution in the next article. Also, hit the like option, if you liked our article.


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