How to Unarchive a Photo on Instagram in 2023?

Unarchive a photo on Instagram; Instagram is a very very similar app that contains thousands of features. These features are very admired by all the users of Instagram. But if you are new to this app and you are not aware of some of its features. Do you need a good guide to use this app or are you looking for a particular function?

Unarchive a Photo on Instagram ,

All you need is to read this blog. The reason for publishing this blog is to provide you best information in an understandable way. I’m also an Instagrammer and I am very much familiar with all the feathers of Instagram.

If you want to know how to unarchive a photo on Instagram then this is the perfect place. Now you just read this blog and get all the desired information. Without wasting further time let’s check out its proper details.

Using Instagram archive for posts

Well,  this feature is the most commonly used feature. This feature helps you to save your pictures and posts. This feature will help you to save your photos for publishing later.  Moreover, If we take a look this app is really really beneficial for Instagram users that use this app for personal work. Or having a private account.

By doing this you can easily save your photos or can archive them from the public. The best thing is that you can easily watch these photos or post them privately in your account by following the instructions given below.

How to archive a post or photo

If you want to archive your photo or post on Instagram then you have to follow the instructions given below.


  • In this step, you have to go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon


  • Now select the option of the post option
  • This option is available on the top of your screen


  • Here all the posts will appear
  • Select the post that you wish to archive


  • Lastly, Tap on the 3 vertical dots that are on the top right section of your post
  • Select the option of the archive.
app open on phone,

How to unarchive Instagram post 

If you want to unarchive your post from Instagram to make it visible to all of your followers as well as to make them familiar. You have to follow the simple steps given below.

  • Firstly, Open the app
  • Go to your profile
  • Now from the screen select the three horizontal lines available at the top of your screen
  • Choose the option of archive
  • Tap  downward arrow
  • Likewise, Select the option of post archive
  • Lastly, Select the posts or pictures you want to unarchive

Frequently asked questions about how to unarchive a photo on Instagram

Can I archive the whole Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to archive the whole Instagram

Can others see archive posts on Instagram?

No, once you archive your post no one is able to see your post on your account

Can I unarchive a post?

Yes, you can do this process whenever you want to unarchive a post

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Final words

Finally, you are done with all the information about it. You can easily use this feature and tell others how to unarchive a photo on Instagram. Just follow the instructions and you are all done. This was easy as well as useful.

Pro tip: archive your unfamiliar or uncommon post on Instagram to get more followers.

If you find this blog helpful, If you have all the required knowledge then just let me know in the comment section in a few humble words. Thank you.!


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