How to Fix iPhone 5 Touch Screen Not Working After Dropping Issue in 2022?

The Touch ID is one of the most famous and critical features among iPhone users. But, sometimes broke into pieces after dropping. And we wonder why the iPhone 5 Touch screen not working after dropping.

iPhone 5 touch screen,

There could be many reasons like battery change, iPhone update, and many more. You can fix it by resetting the network, factory resetting, and others. To know the reasons and solutions, read the below article.

In this article, you will learn how to fix iPhone 5 Touch screen which is not working properly. Furthermore, you will learn useful ways to fix the iPhone Touch screen. Read the below article to know the reasons and solutions.

Why Is My iPhone 5 Touch screen not working after dropping?

Here are the reasons why your iPhone 5 touch screen is not working after dropping.

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iPhone Screen Changed

Screen changing is one of the common reasons why touch ID on an iPhone stops working. Also, if the screen is not an original Apple product, chances are more that the touch ID will stop working early.

Battery Change

Replacing the batteries may also cause the touch ID to stop working. After the new batteries are installed. But, some features don’t activate at all.

After iOS update

After updating, the touch ID stops working sometimes.

Home Button Issues

It can be caused due to your Home button. Furthermore, make sure it is clean and you do have no wet fingers while using it.

System Issues

There can be a range of OS problems that can lead to the issue where your iPhone touch ID stops working. Although, they are fixable.

What are the useful ways to fix iPhone Touch ID not working properly?

Some of the useful ways are following

  • First, clean your fingertip and make sure your Fingerprint Reader is dry and clean.
  • Properly scan your fingerprints.
  • The case and screen protector of your phone sometimes leads to a problem
  • Restarting the touch ID.
  • A hard restart may work for you.
  • For iPhone 5 and before. Press and hold the Home and side buttons for at least twelve seconds. 
  • Reset your network settings 
  • Factory reset your iPhone.

Why am I unable to activate the touch ID on this iPhone 5?

Go to Settings, click on ”Touch ID & Passcode” and write your passcode. Now, tap on the “Add a Fingerprint” option on your iPhone screen, when touching the Touch ID sensor. Also, touch the “Touch ID” sensor with your fingerprint. Make sure that it doesn’t press the device. Because it can begin recognizing your fingerprint. Finally, it will be activities.

Frequently asked questions about how to fix iPhone 5 touch screen not working after dropping  Issue in 2022.

Why is my iPhone 5 fingerprint not working?

By rebooting your phone, this issue can be fixed. This step will give you more compatibility because the devices that aren’t restarted for a long time may lose their performance. Also, press the power button for ten or twelve seconds to let your phone restart.

Why am I unable to complete the touch id setup iPhone 5?

Due to many reasons, it is not completed. But, by applying these solutions your setup will be completed.

  1. First, update the software on your iPhone.
  2. Hard reboot your iPhone.
  3. Change Touch ID settings.
  4. Make sure that your fingerprint and the Home are not wet and clean.
  5. Touch another fingerprint.

Is my Touch ID repairable?

There is no way to recover the touch ID once it’s damaged or broken. The only way is to go to Apple for a full replacement.

Can I clean my Touch ID button?

Yes, by using a clean cloth to wipe dirt or waste from the surface of the home button.

How can the damaged touch ID button be replaced?

If you damage the Touch ID hardware, it can only be replaced by Apple Company.

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In this article, you have learned how to fix iPhone 5 touch screen not working after dropping reasons and solutions. Some of the reasons are following 

  • iPhone screen changed.
  • Battery change.
  • After the iOS update.
  • Home Button issues.
  • System issues.

Also, useful ways to fix iPhone Touch ID not working properly. Furthermore, that article will help you to vanish and fix all your problems regarding the touch screen. Consequently, you have got to know what are the reasons and solutions too.

Pro Tip: Always touch your iPhone with a dry and clean finger.

But, if you are stuck or your problem isn’t yet solved, do tell us in the comment section and we will help you out through our other article.


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