How Does The iPhone’s Built-in Scanner Work?

    iPhone Built-in Scanner: Many new features are added to the iPhone every year. Some of the features such as iOS 15’S SharePlay are shared with you and some are not which is a built-in scan. And you didn’t know how it works.

    The iPhone's Built-in Scanner Work?

    Obviously, the iPhone has a built-in scanner that copies and inserts a text using the camera. For that purpose, you just have to follow these simple steps mentioned in the article below.

    This article will help you with how your built-in scanner works. So, if you want to scan a text message on your iPhone.Below are the steps that you have to follow and your text message will be scanned. 

    How can you Work With A Built-in Scanner On An iPhone?

    The feature used for scanning in an iPhone

    Work With A Built-in Scanner On An iPhone

    The feature that is used for Scan in an iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 is the Scan Text feature. By using your device camera, you can convert your iPhone into a document scanner by importing text from any document. This feature also works with other apps that permit you to write text, such as Messages, Notes, and Reminders. 

    When your camera finds the text, it quickly scans and puts it in the text entry area.

    How to use scan text on an iPhone?

    For using Scan Text, Firstly, you have to open an app that has a text entry area.

    Steps used for scanning a text

    • Open the app that has a text entry area.
    • For example, use the Messages app
    • Then in the text entry area, you have to click and hold on for a few seconds.
    • It will show you the word Scan Text after bringing up the scanner icon.
    • Click on Scan Text and it will activate your scanning mode.
    • Now turn your device camera to the text that you want to scan.
    • Click on Scan Text and it will start scanning.
    • In the text entry field, the scanned text will appear
    • Lastly, Import the text by clicking on the Insert option.

    Is It True That There Is A Built-in Scanner On An iPhone?

    Yes, every year Apple provides many features and the built-in scanner is also one of them. However, many of us always want to have a built-in scanner through which we can scan our documents. 

    Apple has implemented a scanner right within the Notes App. So, Apple has removed all your worries and now you can easily scan text by following the simple steps mentioned above.

    Can We Scan A Text Message Through Our iPhone?

    Text Message Through Our iPhone

    Simple Steps For Scanning a Text Message

    • Tap on the Notes app on your phone screen.
    • Within a note, click on the camera icon.
    • Click on Scan Text.
    • Point your camera towards the text area.
    • When the yellow frame appears, click on the Scan Text icon. Click here to know more about iPhone’s Built-in Scanner.

    Frequently Asked Questions about how the iPhones built-in scanner works

    Do iPhone provide a free scanner?

    Yes, Apple provides a free scanner which is a built-in scanner on your iPhone.

    Can anyone scan my phone?

    It is possible that someone can look into your phone activity without ever even touching it. It is also possible that maybe some type of spyware is installed on your phone. And can check and report your activity.

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    In this article, you have learned whether there is a built-in scanner in an iPhone or not. And if yes how it works, and what are the features? Just following these 5 simple steps your problem will be solved.

    • Tap the Notes app and open the camera.
    • Click on Scan Text.
    • Point your camera towards the text area.
    • When the yellow frame appears, click on the Scan Text icon.

    Pro Tip: Don’t install other featured apps for scanning text because there is already a built-in feature that you can use easily on an iPhone.

    If you have any queries regarding this article, you can tell us in the comment section. In the next article, we will surely tell you the solution. 


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