How to fix iPhone calls not working issue in 2022

Why can I send and receive texts on my iPhone but not calls? How does device Call fail on iPhone? Why can’t I make phone calls on my iPhone? You must have seen this strange situation where your iPhone calls not working.

iPhone calls not working issue,

This article will discuss some tricks on how we fix iPhone calls not working issue.

Fix iPhone calls not working: Complete guide

Restart your iPhone Device

iPhone calls are not a working issue, but Turning off your iPhone is the most straightforward action you can take, just like with any other issue. 

So, restart your smartphone for a refresh, then try to make a call after the restart.

Check your iPhone if it is a Mute

You quickly notice on your iPhone you just miss-call and you did not even hear the iPhone ringing or there was no receiving notification on the screen. 

Check to make sure that your iPhone is not in airplane mode for an incoming call.

Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode

In some cases, there might not be a serious problem with your iPhone calling not working. 

It might be there are settings only needed on your device.  Open Settings> then Airplane Mode and make sure to turn it off. 

you can try to turn it off to see if the iPhone calls are working or not.

Set the Date and Time of your iPhone

There have been concerns that when you return from the travel time zone set for receiving phone calls. 

To make sure this is not the cause of the iPhone calls not working problem, 

The time and date on your iPhone should be set to update automatically.  

Simply Settings>General> then set Date and Time then go to select the Set Automatically.

Close any unnecessary Apps

We must be honest and acknowledge that the majority of the time when we use an iPhone.

 there are so many applications open in the background we do not use them. It reduces the function of your iPhone.

This in effect consumes too much memory on your iPhone calls to fail. 

So to free memory close any unnecessary apps that are not in use.

Plug the SIM Card into another Device

Ensure that your SIM is working correctly and settings are up to date for making phone calls. 

open  Settings > General > then Tap on about to check for updates.

You can try your SIM card on another device after removing it from your iPhone to see if iPhone calls are working or not continues.

Check to block status on the iPhone

It might be good to verify the blocking status on your iPhone.

Try calling a few of the numbers on your contact list because you have forgotten that you block a particular number.

Go to Settings>Phone> then Call blocking Identification to adjust the block settings from connecting with your call.

Restart your iPhone

If the above-mentioned essential solutions for the iPhone calls not working might need to restart your iPhone. 

Open Summary than>tab and select Restarting

You must choose Set Up and then iPhone restarts the procedure.

Frequently asked questions about iphone calls not working

Why is my iPhone not working on calls?

Airplane Mode can be activated in Settings. After five seconds, switch it off. Do not disturb is checked. Make sure that “Do Not Disturb” is turned off by going to Settings > Focus. Verify whether any phone numbers are blacklisted.

How do I reset my call settings?

  •  Open the Phone application.
  •  Select More Settings.
  •   Vibrations and tap sounds.
  • Select a ringtone from the selection.
  •  Press the phone’s ringer.
  •  To enable vibration when you receive a call.
  •   The tap also vibrates for calls.
  •      For the dial pad to make noise when you tap it.

How do I enable incoming calls?

  •     Hold the phone in both hands.
  •    Click on App details.
  •    Then choose Notifications.
  •    Choose Incoming calls.
  •    Select “Pop on screen” from the menu.
  •    Device Reboot

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Through iPhone cells, we do calls other people but we don’t receive the calls.

Pro tips for improving the issue of iPhone calls not working.

  •     To reach Quick Settings, pull down from the top of the phone’s screen.
  • To check the iPhone’s call settings, go to Settings > Network & internet > Airplane mode.

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