How to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working in 2022

iPhone is doing great in our environment giving us ways for the ease of our lives, just like the camera and flashlight we can now easily click pictures and lighten up space in dark but what if the iPhone camera and flashlight are not working?

iPhone camera icon,

No, no don’t panic or rush to the hardware shop… Yes, it can be a hardware problem but remember your smartphone is a device that can have glitches in it, it can be due to software issues also.

In this article, we will look at problems you can face related to the iPhone camera and flashlight not working along with their solutions.

iPhone flashlight nor working

There can be various reasons why your flashlight is not working lets 

have a look at them.

Ensure the camera app is closed

If you have recently used a camera it can be a reason the flashlight is not working because the flashlight and flash camera use the same bulb so close to that app it might work.

 Charge your phone

Charge your iPhone

Do check the battery of your phone because if it is on low power mode it can disable the use of a flashlight check that go to settings> battery and then check whether low power mode allows a flashlight or not.

Remove cover from the phone

Yes, you will be surprised but sometimes your phone case is al; so a hindrance in turning the flashlight ON.

Check for updates:

 See that if a software update is needed for that go to

Settings > general > software update

From here you can see that is there any update to install then install it

Restart your iPhone:

Restart your iPhone:

If any of the above doesn’t work restart your iPhone by pressing the side button and volume button until the slider  appears then hold and press these buttons until the apple logo appears ( for iPhone X or next)

Check flashlight from the control center

Do check the torch if your iPhone flashlight is not working. Check the brightness of the torch. 

Checking flashlight from the control center,

Check the flash of the camera 

If your camera flash was ON then it may also be the culprit open the camera app then first ON the flashlight then OFF it may help out the problem, now close the camera, and then try turning the flashlight on.

What if the iPhone camera and flashlight are not working?

iPhone has dramatic cameras and what if your iPhone camera is not working that’s disappointing but don’t take tension you can solve it if it is a software problem.

Many times users complain that their screen becomes black when they turn ON the camera. So, it means your camera is not working, then try the following tips

  • Remove any case that might be a hindrance in taking pictures.
  • Take a photo and test is your camera working or not.
  • Also, shift between the front camera and check if is it just the problem with the rear camera or any other issue.
  • If pictures are blurry check whether the camera lens is clean or not
  • Finally, restarting your phone may help.

If non of the above works then contact apple support.

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Frequently asked question about iPhone camera and flashlight not working

Why is my iPhone flashlight not working?

Because your battery may be low and your phone is on low power mode where your phone does not do any extra work.

Why my camera screen is black?

Even if you have done a reset this problem persists then it indicates your camera is malfunctioning.

What to do if my iPhone camera is frozen?

To reset your phone to unfreeze it.


Flashlight and camera not working on iPhone is a problem but can be solved on your own. If it is software malfunctioning, you can simply reset your iPhone to fix it. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section.


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