10 Best iPhone Flashlight Apps 2022

Do you have an iPhone? Do you also struggle with the lack of fleshlight ability of the iPhone? If you don’t have the recent version of iOS do not worry about the flashlight feature. However, there are some best iPhone flashlight apps that can help you with problems.

In this article, you are going to learn about the top 10 iPhone flashlight apps that also contain some other features. I will enlist the top-rated and full-of-feature iPhone torch apps so that you can easily use them. So let’s check in to solve this issue.

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iPhone Flashlight Apps

iPhone flashlight apps worth using

iPhone is considered the best smartphone ever in the world. But all the old versions of iOS lack the feature of having a flashlight. So the app store invented different iPhone flashlight apps.

These apps are actually worth using because they contain different features not only the flashlight but also composition, color-changing LED, and much more. So these apps are very usable and valuable. These iPhone flashlight apps are stunning.

Purpose of iPhone Flashlight Apps

iPhone flashlight apps are very purposeful. They are full of features not only the flashlight feature but also campus color-changing front lights, LED lights, and much more. These apps help to secure the reputation of the iPhone.

So, these flashlights are used for many purposes like enlightening the darker area, reading a book at bedtime without disturbing others, enjoying camping with colorful iPhone flashlight apps, and much more.

Flashlight for iPhone

Last but not least, one of the purest and brightest iPhone flashlight apps. Flashlight for iPhone is fully free and it also has a very high rating in the app store. It is the perfect flashlight app with a sleek design and easy navigation system.

This is not only a flashlight but also contains several other features like the SOS effect, adjustable bright light, sleek and attractive design, and much more. This app also provides you with several types of light effects. Even So, one of the very effective iPhone flashlight apps.

iPhone Flashlight Apps

Download: Flashlight for iPhone

Key features

  • On-time reaction
  • Brightest light with a stomper
  • Speed adjustment
  • SOS emergency mode
  • Lock screen function
  • high – resolution with different frequencies
  • Single screen functions availability.

Flashlight ⊜

The flashlight ⊜ is one of the top-rated and widely selected iPhone flashlight apps. Flashlight ⊜ not only includes the flashlight feature but it is a free flashlight app for iPhone without any cost. This is the most elegant apple flashlight ever.

It also contains the best built-in mini-map that can help you to find out the way. you can also adjust its brightness according to your need and demand. If you are looking for the overall best apple flashlight Flashlight ⊜ is one of the best iPhone flashlight apps.

iPhone Flashlight Apps

Download: Flashlight ⊜

Key Features

  • Build in minimap
  • Constant-on compass
  • Adjustable 
  • Compatibility is with all the iOS devices
  • It includes strobe mode with 10 different frequencies 
  • Integrated SOS signals
  • Simple and easy interference

Best Flash Light – Flashlight

Best Flash Light – Flashlight is the second-best iPhone flashlight app. If you want the quick, bright and richest front light  Best Flash Light – Flashlight is the smartest choice ever because you will get all of its features instantly.

Best Flash Light – Flashlight is one of the coolest iPhone flashlight apps that provide clap-to-turn-on light features, easy navigation, and custom configuration as well. You can enjoy all of its features by downloading it from the app store.

iPhone Flashlight Apps

 Download: Best Flash Light – Flashlight

 Key features

  • Instant light appears when activated
  • Video from light
  • Different strobe effects
  • Chaptrunon and turn off the feature
  • Device control of turn on and off
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Battery status indicator 

Flashlight Ⓞ

The flashlight Ⓞ is the 3rd best iPhone flashlight app. A bundle of features is available in this flashlight projector app for iPhone.  The flashlight Ⓞ could be your best companion at camping because it is the brightest app ever.

Through Flashlight Ⓞ you can enjoy brilliant illuminators with the quickest startup. Its definition is also very attractive with easy navigation. It is also a free flashlight app for iPhone with several prominent features.

Flashlight Apps

Download: Flashlight Ⓞ

Key features

  • Quickest startup
  • Make use of the cam light
  • LED adjustable light
  • Compatibility with large screen
  • Very sleek and attractive design
  • In-built SOS signals
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to navigate 

Flashlight ×

If you are looking for the words brightest and quickest apple flashlight this is one of the best and most great working iPhone flashlight apps. It contains the boost-up technology that works immediately when you turn it on.

You just have to shake your iPhone to turn it on or off. Flashlight x can provide you with several lightning effects and color combinations. It also includes glowing sticks with realistic effects to enjoy its lightning effects.

iPhone Flashlight x

Download:  Flashlight x

Key features

  • Shake your phone to turn it on
  • Full white bright screen
  • Variety of glow sticks
  • Nice customized color picker
  • Versatile neon signals
  • Adjustable brightness by sliding
  • The stunning and creative user interference

Flashlight iTorch

I torch is also one otherworldly used iPhone flashlight app. This app is specifically made for iPhone users because it works smoothly with iPhones. Flashlight iTorch has a bundle of features including campus, a mini-map, a variety of colors and effects of light, and much more of your needs.

iTorch app is a flashlight projector app for the iPhone because it also works as a projector to give a wider frequency of light. You can also adjust or LED brightness according to your need by just swiping left or right.


Download:  Flashlight iTorch

Key features

  • A bundle of lightings effect is available
  • Instant light appears when activating the app
  • Energy efficient light
  • Different colors and transactions are available
  • Easy to navigate and processing
  • Custom light configurations

iLights Flashlight for iPhone

This flashlight is going to light up your mind because the iLight flashlight for iPhone is straightforward as well as very bright. Its user experience is also gear. Likewise, this app also provides the best control of light.

This light provides the single source light point and it also provides the best light capability ever. You can also control the speed of strobes. Although it has very quick loading and is easy to use. So, Flights flashlight for iPhone is the greatest app ever. Further, these iPhone flashlight apps are stunning.

iphone light

Download: iLight flashlight for iPhone

Key features

  • Very quick and easy to load
  • It also has a torch mode
  • It contains several light effects
  • Flashes at up to 10 times per second 
  • Variable stripes with controllable speed
  • Controllable brightness levels

Flashlight ¤

Now let’s move to our next one of the coolest iPhone flashlight apps. So, Flashlight ¤ is full of different versatile effects of lights with several strokes. It provides a white bright screen with bright colors. You can also select different colors.

Its lighting effects include trippy, spiral emergency, motion control, and much more. However, It is fully customized with adjustable brightness features. It also includes an SOS feature. One of the great iPhone flashlight apps with very simple interference and quick navigation.


Download: Flashlight ¤

Key features

  • SOS mode with adjustable brightness feature
  • Toggled the screen on and off feature
  • Double tap for quick activation 
  • Programmable activated strobe modes
  • Battery saving capacity

Light – LED Flashlight

Light – LED Flashlight is also one of the easy-to-use iPhone flashlight apps.. It is also very famous for its navigation system. Its features are easy to handle and fully understood but some of its features are irrelevant to the app.

a light-LED flashlight is best to use only for the purpose of lighting or having some fun with its effects. Otherwise, this app is not enough to have all the features like strobing or others. This app specifies using the flashlight of your camera.


Download: Light – LED Flashlight

Key features

  • It contains the best SOS feature
  • Its navigation is very simple and understanding
  • It has the double tap turn on and off feature
  • Programmable strobe mode 
  • Adjustable brightness mode

Flashlight ◯

Flashlight O is another greatest flashlight with a bright light feature. So, through flashlight O you can easily navigate the interface of flashlight O. this is one of the brightest iPhone flashlight apps that make you feel bright.

This app is going to be one of the brightest iPhone flashlight apps for iPhone. You will also get real-time Brighton screens. No more darkness with a flashlight O. Even So, The setup and design of flashlight O are very attractive yet simple.


Download: Flashlight O

Key features

  • Most brilliant bright light
  • Different strobes and effects
  • Use camera light 
  • Bright screen light is also available
  • It is highly adjustable
  • Very beautiful design and a quick setup.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone flashlight apps.

Which flashlight app is best for the iPhone?

There are so many flashlight apps for iPhone including iLight, flashlight O, flashlight for iPhone, and more.

Does the iPhone have a flashlight app?

Yes, there are several fleshlight apps available for iPhones.

How do I customize my iPhone flashlight apps?

You have to swipe down or to the upper corner of your screen.

How do I install the iPhone flashlight apps?

Go to the app store and install your favorite app

Why can’t I find my iPhone flashlight apps?

 If you want to find the flashlight, Go to setting< control system < flashlight. 

Sum up

In summary, in this article, you have learned about the 10 best iPhone flashlight apps. These apps are really helpful as well as enjoyable. You can install the iPhone flashlight apps mentioned above to light up the darkness. So, links for download purposes are available for each app.

  • Go to your  desired app
  • Click on link
  • Visit the web and install

Lastly, you have got all the needed information. If this article was helpful, let me know in the comment section. Thank you!


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