How to fix the iPhone home button not working issue in 2022?

A lot of people around here are using iPhones starting from ios 10 which means they have a home button which is the main component of a phone but how to fix your iPhone home button not working? 

iPhone Home button,

Some iPhone users are experiencing that their home button is not connecting while some are complaining about the lag they are experiencing.

Some people also say that their home button works occasionally this can be due to software issues or it can also be a hardware malfunction.

Why isn’t my iPhone home button not working?

There are two possibilities that your iPhone home button is not working that is

  • Hardware malfunction may be due to an issue with the home button and you might need to change it.
  • Software malfunction is due to any software glitch that causes your iPhone home button not to work properly.

What to do if the iPhone home button is not working?

If you feel lag in working on your iPhone home button then do have a backup plan in the form of assistive touch. here are the steps you can have assistive touch on your screen.

Go to settings > open general > accessibility > turn on assistive touch

A small square box will appear on your screen from which you can open a virtual home button if your actual home button stops working.

 How to fix the iPhone home button at home?

 To solve software problems by which your home button might not be working on iPhone 6/7/8. are

Reboot your iPhone

To report your iPhone to turn it OFF and then turn it ON it can help solve your problem because it acts as if you are being restarted.

Calibrate your iPhone

This might help you a lot because it makes your phone more responsive to calibrating it 

  • Open any app that has been downloaded on the phone
  • Then press the side button until the slider appears
  • When the slider has appeared then press the home button until the slider goes back
  • This is will calibrate your phone

Restore your iPhone

Restoring your iPhone can solve most of your software issues to restore your iPhone

Connect your device with iTunes on your laptop or PC and then restore your iPhone

Open iPhone settings and use the built-in reset option

Do remember that restoring can delete your data.

Do clean the home button

Also, clean your iPhone home button that is not working using isopropyl alcohol that can clean 90% of dust and germs you can buy it from any hardware store.

Frequently asked questions

How to fix a stuck iPhone home button?

It is stuck can be somehow fixed by pressing it and moving the iPhone clockwise.

how can I fix the not pressing the home button on iPhone 7 issue?

You can do this by hard reset, simply pressing the side button and down volume button simultaneously.

Why does the iPhone home button not click?

Because your iPhone needs calibrating or resetting.

Can apple fix iPhone touch iD?

Only apple is capable of repairing touch id.

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iPhone home button not working can be fixed on your own if it is a software problem you can use assistive touch for a virtual home button.

You can reboot, and rest your iPhone by holding and pressing the side button and volume button. You can also reinstate the home button by connecting to iTunes. Do tell us about your thoughts, I hope this article will be helpful to you.


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