How to Fix iPhone no Sound in Apps Issue in 2022?

Having an expensive smartphone and then having problems with it, what a desperate feeling but we can feel it so we are here with another problem and its solutions. For instance, in this article, you will learn about iPhone no sound in apps.

Fix iPhone no Sound in Apps,

Resolving the no-sound-on-your-iPhone issue can be inquiring because different subjects induce it. They can be hardware problems or your iPhone’s sound sets. Even if you’ve analyzed the problem, it carries time to proceed through the actions of settling it.

So let’s see the problems along with the solutions that you can have while fixing the no-sound app issue on your iPhone.

Reasons Behind iphone no Sound in Apps?

Various reasons can cause no sound issue on your iPhone but you first need to figure them out to resolve them.

The first thing is how often and when you face this problem.  Is it when you receive a call and why? Then think of when and why you don’t hear the app sound. This can take you to some conclusions.

Now check all the possibilities which may be :

The hardware of the iphone:

The first thing is to check whether your speakers are working or not. For that 

  • select Settings > Sounds & Haptics. 
  • Under Ringers And Alerts, move the slider to the right to increase the volume.

 If you hear a sound, then congrats you have done it your speakers are fine. If you don’t hear a sound, the device may need hardware repair.

Restart  it :

If you still don’t hear any sound, then restart the iPhone. 

setting app to reset all settings,

To restart, turn your iPhone off and then switch it on.


 These are falsehoods in the iPhone’s firmware that rationale unintended outcomes, such as audio not working on calls. Bugs can arise due to faulty coding, negligence to update your phone regularly, and additional code-related troubles.

In this way, you can check the iphone no sound in apps.

How to Fix the App Sound Issue on iPhone?

Inspect the volume level to check iPhone has no sound in apps

Check the Volume level first. Don’t be astonished if your volume got lower without your knowledge. However, accidental motions in your pocket or backpack can smash the volume command buttons, potentially increasing, decreasing, or even muting your phone.

To fix your volume:

So, Press the upper volume button on the side of the phone.

Watch at the volume bar on your screen. It usually looks like a volume meter and flat bar at the top of your screen. Press the volume up button to revive your sound if it is down.

Disable ‘Do Not Disturb mode

If the volume is alright, try inspecting if your iPhone has been set in Do Not Disturb mode. If yes then turn it off. 

  • First, open the settings 
  • Then open Focus 
  • Select do not disturb
  • Turn off the button in front of do not disturb ( from a green color to black)

Toggle ring or silent button

You may also have no sound even if your phone is not in silent mode. To do this simply change the position of the silent switch from red to no color.

What if there is no sound in the photos apps on iPhone?

If you are not able to hear a video when you tap it in the Photos app because it will play the video, but no sound will come from your iPhone until you thump the speaker icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

What is provoking the Photos user’s frustration is that, by default, you have to tap this button every time you use the app. Luckily, you can turn this behavior off by disabling the auto or play of the videos. You’ll have to begin the videos manually but not unmute them every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone no sound in apps

Why can’t I hear sound on my apps on my iPhone?

If you can’t listen to sound from the speaker, communicate with Apple Support. If your device has a Ring/Silent switch, check it’s set to ring.

Why is there trouble hearing the videos on iPhone?

Assure Volume/Ringer is Turned Up it can fix your problem

How can I unmute my iPhone?

All iPhones have a ring / silent switch on the left side of the device (above the volume buttons). Push the switch in a manner that the switch does not have a red background color.

What is system Haptics?

Haptics is any sort of technology that provides you with a tactile reaction — for example, when your phone vibrates. So, you may be aware of Haptic Touch, a characteristic that vibrates your phone when you press the screen for a long time.


In summary, to fix the in-app no sound problem on your iPhone you should first be aware that where malfunctioning occurs so that you can solve it in various ways ie, by checking buttons or volume level. After that, you can resolve the iPhone with no sound in apps easily.


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