iPhone Time Lapse Settings: Everything You Need to Know 2022

    Are you traveling around new areas? Do you want to make a perfect video for your blog? But you don’t have an idea to set the iPhone time lapse settings. But now you don’t have to worry because here is the quick solution to your big problem.

    shooting on iPhone using tripod stand

    I also love photography and videography so I have to use lots of effects and features. One of the best features to make your video even more attractive is to use time-lapse on the iPhone. The reason for using time-lapse is to make your video even faceting. 

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    In this article, you are going to learn all the things related to iPhone time lapse settings. You are going to have different methods to set the time-lapse setting so that it would be easy to choose your preferred method. So let’s check out.

    What Is Time Lapse

    Time-lapse is basically a feature that helps you to speed up all the videos that you capture. It is a photographic feature that can help you create a video with fast speed according to your need. You can set a time for your time-lapse video if you want to work for a long.

    Making a timelapse video can help you to capture all the moments in a different way. You can speed up all the natural views, work, or more that took lots of time. Time-lapse can actually help you to show your creativity in a different way.

    How Does Time Lapse Work

    Although shooting a timelapse with a camera is totally different from shooting a video from your smartphone. If you are an iPhone user you can use this feature in a different way. Because the steering of time-lapse is different in different devices like iPhones, android, and cameras.

     Most of the time the iPhone time-lapse setting has two different frames of 20 and 40 seconds regardless of how long you shoot a video. This is because of time. If you shoot for a long time then your video at the end will be more effective.

    How To Do iPhone Time Lapse Settings

    So here is the method that can help you for shooting a  boosting time-lapse video. For your blog or for fun you can choose this great option of time-lapse. So let’s check out how to set the iPhone time-lapse setting.

    • Firstly you have to open up your camera
    • Above the shutter button, you will find different options related to the shooting
    • Scroll through all the options there
    • Here you will find the option of timelapse
    • After finding that option you have to tap on it
    • Your time-lapse option is activated
    • Set your smartphone at the best place where you want to shoot
    • Now click on the red button if you want to start recording
    • Your time-lapse video will be saved when the time limit will be reached
    Time Lapse Settings on camera, how to use,

    Frequently asked questions about  iPhone Time Lapse Settings

    How to slow down time lapse?

    If you want to slow down your timelapse video you have to use any of 3rd party app

    How to use time lapse on an iphone?

    Open the camera. Select timelapse. Select it. Use it

    Can I change the time lapse speed on my iPhone?

    Yes, there are two options of 20 and 40 seconds you can select any of them.

    Final Words

    In a nutshell, iPhone time lapse settings are very easy because in this article you have learned all the information about iPhone time lapse settings. So must consider all of the tips that are given above if you want a good video. You can read more in Apple Support.

    Pro-tip for iPhone time lapse settings:

    •  Try to shoot time-lapse videos at different places 
    •  After that combine all of them for great output.

    Hopefully, this article was helpful to get all the information related to iPhone time lapse settings. If you found this article helpful just put a thumbs up in the comment section. 


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