iPhone user guide in 2022: Must Read

    One of the best smartphones has the largest revenue all over the world, yes we are talking about iPhones.Each year iPhone users are provoked by the specs of their new phones to buy them, but first, you must read the iPhone user guide.

    iPhone 14

    You should know about the feature that is new and the software they are choosing. In simple words, you should have a solid reason to change your older iPhone to the new one and luckily Apple has never failed in convincing us.

    So, let’s get started and see what is the must-read iPhone user guide in 2022.

    Introduction to your phone; iPhone user guide:

     Do the following steps to do so

    • First Turn ON your phone and transfer your data from the older one, if it is iPhone take it closer to the new one, and if not then open the ‘move to ios’ app on your android and transfer your data.
    •  Now set up Wi fi or cellular connection. Go to settings then wifi and connect it. then go to settings and mobile data and connect it if you don’t have wifi.
    •  When you are done with this set up an Apple ID then set up a password with a touch id or face id.
    • Back up your data with iCloud, go to settings, touch your name written at the top and then open iCloud and set up what you want.

    What is new in ios 16? iPhone user guide

    iOS 16, user guide,

    iOS 16 release on Monday 12 September brings to us the new look of iPhone by giving such a different feel .so, let’s see what are upgrades:

    Lock screen 

    You can now add widgets to your lock screen, you can change the font of time and date which gives you a premium feel with a wide range of new wallpapers.


    A unique and new feature that enables you to see your iPhone the way you want at the moment, you can apply focus on your wallpapers also to hide any distractions.


    You can now edit any message you have just sent and you can also un-send it or marks it as unread


    Your emails can be unsent now, you can also set reminders to follow up emails when you are free.

    Family sharing:

    You can now set an iPad or iPhone for your child with appropriate age and screen time restrictions. You can also apply social media restrictions that suit you.

    And many many more features.

    Restarting, updating, or resetting iPhone; iPhone user guide

    Turning iPhone ON or OFF:

    • To turn the phone ON press and hold the side button until the apple logo appears
    • To turn OFF the phone with the face id press and hold the side button and volume button simultaneously until the slider appears.
    • To turn OFF the phone with a home button just press and hold the side button until the slider appears

    Backup your phone

    • To backup go to the settings of your iPhone. Touch on your name and then open iCloud, from there go to an iCloud backup.
    •  Turn on the iCloud backup; it will be done automatically when the phone is connected to the power 
    • To manually focus on ‘ backup now

    Update iOS on your phone

    • To update your phone go to settings then into general 
    • From general touch on software update
    • If the software has been downloaded then simply install it otherwise touch on download and install
    • You can also do this by setting a time when you want your update to occur.

    Frequently asked questions about iPhone user guide

    Is the iPhone user guide free?

    Yes, it is free you can download it but you can also buy copies of it from the market.

    Is it hard to learn iPhone user guide 2022?

    No of all the operating software on smartphones iOS is the easiest to learn.

    How do you close apps running on an iPhone?

    You can simply multitask it, by swiping from the bottom and then holding it you will have a list of apps running now you can swipe them up one by one.

    How do you take a screenshot on new iPhone?

    Press the side button and volume button at a time and release them immediately screenshot will be taken.

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    iPhone is the smartphone growing day by day and giving users more opportunities to interact in new ways. If you have recently switched from android to iPhone 14, I hope you will be loving the experience.

    But if it is difficult for you to learn how to work with the above given are must read the apple user guide. I hope you learned from it so please inform us with your reviews or any questions.


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