How to fix iPhone Wi-Fi connected not working issue in 2022

Do you have Wi-Fi issues after updating your iPhone? Wi-Fi disconnects when the screen is locked and the network drops the signals. I can fix the Wi-Fi on my iPhone problem after attempting a few tricks. This article will discuss some tricks If your iPhone is connected to Wifi and not working. Click here and read the complete guide to fix iphone wifi connected but not working

iPhone Wi-Fi connected not working

Make sure that your network is on

Ensure you are within the range of your Wi-Fi connection for receiving good signals on your iPhone.

Make sure that Wi-Fi is on and you can see your network

 Open Settings then> tap Wi-Fi and make sure that your Wi-Fi is on. 

Tap your Wi-Fi network for iPhone to join. 

When we are on the internet and the wifi sign shows blue color, its means we join with the network.

If Automatically Join Disabled appears under the name of your Wi-Fi network, press to enable the quick join.

Enter your Wi-Fi password

Enter the password for your iPhone Wi-Fi network connection issue. Get help by clicking here if you don’t know your password.

 Even if you input the correct password and you will still receive being unable to join the network. 

Then try to enter your password once more after resetting your mobile device as well as the modem.

Check the issues with your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi hotspot not connected to your iPhone that notices a problem with your Wi-Fi connectivity.

For example, No Internet Connection on your iPhone taps to the Wi-Fi network continuously.

Check your cables and network connections

Make sure your network connection is turned on and if you are still facing trouble in connecting you must check your internet connection.

Restart your device

Attempt restarting your iPhone.

Restart your cable, and network connection, Unplug and then restart your device.

  If we still can not connect?

Reset the settings on your network. open Settings > General >  Resetting the Device > then Reset Network Settings on your iPhone.

Additionally, this also reset iPhone Wi-Fi networks through cellphone settings, Wi-Fi connections, and passwords on your iPhone.

Get more help from the service 

Try to use your Wi-Fi network on another device if you are not connecting to an iPhone Wi-Fi network but are still unable to access the internet. 

There may be a service outage if you are unable to access the internet using your other devices. For assistance, contact your internet or cable provider.

Try a different Wi-Fi network to connect with your iPhone. Contact Apple if your device is unable to connect to any Wi-Fi networks.

Frequently ask questions about iphone wifi connected but not working

Why is my iPhone connected to Wi-Fi but not working?

Force a restart by pressing and holding the Home and Wake/Sleep keys simultaneously for 15 to 20 seconds, or until the Apple logo appears. Restarting the device is okay. 2) Reset Network Configuration: Reset network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset. Join the Network once more.

How do I fix the Wi-Fi on my iPhone?

Verify that your network is on and that you are in range.

Ensure that Wi-Fi is activated and that your network is visible.

Enter your Wi-Fi passwords if required.

Check your Wi-Fi network for problems.

Verify your connections.                 

Why does my Wi-Fi say it’s connected but doesn’t work?

When Wi-Fi is active but there is no internet access, the problem could sometimes be with the Internet connection rather than a specific device. It might be the result of damaged cables, service interruptions, or pretty much anything else that is beyond your control.

Why is my Wi-Fi not working after iPhone update?

If the Wi-Fi still fails to connect on iPhone you can force your device to restart after updating and resetting the network settings to see if the Wi-Fi activates.

To renew your iPhone, simply hold together the Menu and Home keys. Next, try turning on Wi-Fi to see if it gets the iPhone connected to Wi-Fi.

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iPhone is connected with Wi-Fi but not connected.

‘’Pro tips’’ for improving Wi-Fi connection for iPhones.

  • Is Wi-Fi activated
  • Is your network visible in your Wi-Fi settings
  • Have you logged in to the network
  • Is everything connected correctly
  • Trying to reset everything.

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