10 Best Journaling Apps For iPhone Play Store Isn’t Showing You

    Do you want to collect all of your memories in one place? Are you looking for an app that makes you feel happy whenever you open it? Yes, it is possible with journaling apps for iPhone. I’m also addicted to using different types of journals online.

    If you also want different one of the best journaling apps for iPhone. Here I’m here to provide you with a list of the top 10 best journaling apps for iPhone. In short, you can select your perfect match. So in this article, you are going to learn about the best journal app. Let’s check-out.

     Best Journaling Apps For iPhone

    What Is Meant By Journaling Apps For iPhone

    Journaling makes your life positive and you can reflect on your life through this method. Moreover, through making or writing journals you will get a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. In short, a journal can help you to stay focused, positive and active.

    Not only physical books but nowadays apps for journals are also available so that you can make eye-catching your memories and make them special. Journaling apps for the iPhone are going to be your best companion. 

    Journaling Apps For iPhone Are Used For 

    A journal makes your life easier. It can help you to enhance your productivity, and boost your creativity. Additionally, with the help of a journal, you can feel much better in a few minutes of the day. So, in a journal, you have to make some doodles or art or some positive words. journaling apps for iPhone can help you.

    • Boost your creativity
    • Bring you a positive mood
    • Make you feel better for a moment

    Journey-Best Journaling apps for iPhone

    Journey-Best Journaling apps for iPhone

    The journey is a type of intuitive design and a very user-friendly app. This is one of the top picks among all the journaling apps for iPhone.  Journey contains several features that make it different from other journaling apps.

    Additionally, Its features contain a bundle of themes, desktop access, and email support with its premium subscription. So, if you are a traveling lover and want to make notes or sections on your visit this is the best choice for you. 

    Download Journey for your iPhone

    Pros Journaling apps for iPhone

    • Password protection and daily reminders
    • Beautiful fonts
    • Auto-sync process 
    • Allow media and file attachment


    • The formatting option is missing
    • Need premium access if you need a coach

    My Diary-Leading Journaling apps for iPhone

    My Diary-Leading Journaling apps for iPhone

    If you recently started making journals. My diary is best for you. Because you can enjoy or have some fun with this app. My diary app is full of creativity with different themes, fonts, and doodles so that easily make different types of notes or memories.

    It also contains a recorder to record your everyday mood or a new track. Basic formatting features also make it simple and easy to interfere with. You can easily lock the app, sync the data or perform some other functions.

    Download my diary app from here.


    • It is a creative personalized diary
    • Lock password with daily notifications
    • Include different fonts and stickers
    • Easy access with basic formatting
    • Sharing option


    • Do not support HTML text
    • Cannot share  photos and stickers only text  will be exported

    Day One

    Day One journaling apps for iphone

    Journey and Day one apps are similar to each other but the system of both apps works differently. However, this app has the ability to let you make a creative, and entirely different journal. So, showing your creativity on day one can help you to boost your energy and excitement level.

    If you want to summarise your day in one note day, one app will provide you with a list template so that you can list all of your positive things from that day. The option of creating your own template is also available.

    Get the Day One journal app from here.


    • Ability to provide you with multiple reminders
    • Unique text formatting
    • Prompts for daily writing
    • Multiple file format export option


    • Do not support template for android
    • No method to track your mood

    Journal It

    Journal It journaling apps for iphone

    If you want to feel like writing a diary journal, it is on the way to serving you. It will give you a black and white design and also act as a note-taking app. Similarly, its interference is sleek and simple. Similarly, you can easily add tasks or plan your day by adding bullets.

    For instance, other features of the journal are quick entries, a habit tracker, bullets for planning or tasks, and many templates. These templates can help make your notes even more attractive and attention catcher.

    Get your Journal it app now


    • You can easily customize it
    • Customizable templates
    • Include habit tracker
    • Mood detection and statistics with details
    • Built-in tags for quick entries
    • Timeline entries  view


    • Cannot add videos
    • Non-intuitive UI



    If you are not comfortable writing, Daylio can help you with this. This app basically works with emojis. Even so, track your mood, feelings, and actions with the help of emojis through Daylio. But if you want to add a short note you can attach a small photo as well.

    So, you don’t have to type your daily activities just record them as you did on other social media apps in a different way. Additionally, Create your mood chart and daily activity chart with the help of stickers and emojis.  In short, this is one of the best emoji journaling apps for iPhone.

    By clicking the link you can get this app.


    • Very simple and customizable interference
    • Mood and activity of group customization
    • Easily change emoji color
    • Set your daily goals with Daylio


    • Not have automatic support or password protection

    Grid Diary

    Grid Diary

    Grid diary is one of the great journaling apps for iPhone if you want to write about your whole day. If you feel tired but want to make an ending memory or to write down your day. Even so, Grid diary will provide you with ready-made questions related to your day.

    Through this, you can easily express all of your days without getting tired. For Instance, other features like quotes of the day Theme, templates, fonts, and much more. Enjoy all the features to make your page even more attractive.

    You will get a grid diary by clicking here.


    • Simplest and minimalist interference
    • Mode and activity analyze
    • Customizable group activities
    • Data sync process


    • Do not have password protection ability
    • Lack of basic styles and HTML
    • Few templates access



    So, if you are looking for the simplest journal, Diaro is one of the simplest journaling apps for iPhone. However, in this app, you can write a title. So, Make a summary of your day, attach a file or media with rating your mode and you are done.

    Similarly, very easy to use and simplest interference. Even so, if you want to customize them you can do this or change the entries by themselves. So, add multiple photos or make cloud stories with Diaro.

    Diaro is available here.


    • You can easily set different reminders
    • Ability to set different photos
    • Easily cloud sync ability
    • Different attractive templates


    • You are not allowed to export your entries
    • Its Ul system is not user-friendly



    Daybook is for those people who want a simple but colorful collection of journals. However, Daybook is one of the simplest yet most colorful journaling apps for iPhone. So, you can add different entries in various ways.

    Addition of speech to text when you feel low and don’t want to write using this feature. Additionally, this application will provide you with the best password protection and bundles of features with different color templates.

    Download this app from here.


    • High-quality speech-to-text functionality
    • It has virtual assistant support
    • Different themes with multi-color


    • It does not contain styling and formatting options
    • It has very unstable assistant support
    • Targ support is not available in its free plan

    Gratitude Journal Affirmation

    Gratitude Journal Affirmation

    Gratitude is very important to have a positive life. So here is the best journal app for writing down your gratitude every day. Make your day even better by writing down all the blessings of your day.

    The interference is straightforward. Its notes and themes are very colorful and will make your writing even more attractive. Option of sarong your notes is also available to spread positivity with your family and friends.

    Download Gratitude Journal Affirmation now


    • User-friendly interference
    • Very inspiring resources
    • You will get multiple reminders


    • Auto backup is not available in its free plan
    • One image entry support per journal


    Penzu journaling apps for iphone

    Penzu is the most similar app with a notepad. Similarly, you can enter your thoughts, feelings, and emotions digitally. So, Lots of features. Templates and text formats are available in this app. Moreover, a picture or a file can be attached to your daily entry.

    With Penzu, get the best minimalist journal approach and other email reminders. Additionally, you can easily customize your own templates and themes according to your mood and demand. Moreover, Different images can be added per entry.

    If you want to download Penzu just click on the link.


    • Different reminders
    • Multiple images adding facility
    • Minimalist journal approach


    • Its auto-sync system is not stable
    • It does not support multiple books for free

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    Frequently asked questions about journaling apps for iPhone

    What are the best free journalling apps for iPhones?

    There are so many journaling apps for iPhone including Day one, journal it, and Penzu daily diary.

    Is there a free diary or journaling app for iPhone?

    Yes, there are lots of free journaling apps for iPhone and diary apps for iPhone

    Can you use Apple notes as a journal?

    Yes, you can use apple notes as a journal by using its simple features.

    How do I use my iPhone as a diary?

    Use the notes on your iPhones or install different types of  journaling apps for iPhone

    Can I keep a diary on my iPhone?

     Yes, Just add a password to your diary or install journaling apps for the iPhone.

    Final Remarks

    In short, in this article, you’ve learned about the top 10 best free journaling apps for iPhone. Now you can choose the best match for your needs and make your day even better. However, if you want to download any of the apps mentioned above follow the steps

    • Go to your desired app paragraph from above
    • After that, Click on the link mentioned there
    • Finally, Visit the details and download it

    In Summary, this article was helpful for you, if you want more details let me know in the comment section.


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