How to Fix the Keyboard Backlight Not Working MacBook Pro Issue?

MacBook backlight keyboards shine LED through the keycap, allowing you to identify keys on the keyboard. But, sometimes the backlight stops working. And we don’t know how to fix the keyboard backlight not working MacBook Pro issue.

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No problem, you can fix it by rebooting, adjusting keyboard brightness, and many more methods. You will learn by reading the below article. I always reboot my Mac and it fixes my problem.  

In this article, you will also learn how to fix a MacBook Pro backlight that isn’t working. Read the article below to know about the ways of fixing MacBook backlights.

What are the ways to fix the keyboard backlight not working MacBook Pro issue?

Below are mentioned ways to fix the keyboard backlight not working MacBook Pro issue.

Reboot MacBook

First, restart your MacBook to ensure that a minor glitch isn’t preventing the keyboard lights from working as expected.

Check MacBook Light Sensor

If the keyboard light issues keep going, Further ensure the light sensor isn’t blocked. It’s available at the top corner of your MacBook, beside the camera.

Checking MacBook Light Sensor,

Also, some users have the habit of covering the camera, because of privacy reasons. Furthermore, it impacts the light sensor and thus negatively the keyboard backlight performance.

Adjust Keyboard Brightness In Low Light

By default, your MacBook is set to automatically adjust keyboard brightness when the light power changes.

If keyboard light issues occur, you might want to disable this option and handle the brightness manually.

Also, you can do it in the same System Preferences -> Keyboard settings section.

Adjust Keyboard Brightness

Check whether the keyboard light isn’t dimmed to the maximum, because it is causing the letters not to glow:

Now go to Control Center -> Keyboard Brightness and adjust the slider.


Also, you can use the keyboard buttons: Press F6 to increase brightness or F5 to decrease.

Adjusting Keyboard Brightness,

Furthermore, adjust this in System Preferences -> Dock & Menu Bar -> Keyboard Brightness (left sidebar) -> enable Show in Menu Bar.

Why is your MacBook Pro backlight not working?

MacBook keyboard brightness setting might cause the backlight to automatically turn Off after a set period of inactivity. But, when enabled, this option turns off the keyboard lights after 5 to 6 seconds of inactivity.

Besides this setting saving battery, it might be frustrating to press the proper characters. Now, once you want to resume typing in a very dark environment.

Now, disable it in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Turn the keyboard backlight off after x seconds of inactivity.

Frequently asked questions about the keyboard backlight not working MacBook Pro issue.

Why does your MacBook keyboard light not work?

To fix it. Go to the Control Center, click Keyboard Brightness, then drag the slider on your Mac. Now, in the Touch Bar, expand the Control Strip, and tap the increased brightness button or the decrease brightness button.

How do you reset the keyboard backlight not working on MacBook pro?

First, click on the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Keyboard, then click Keyboard. Now, select “Turn keyboard backlight off after [period] of inactivity”.Also, choose a time from the pop-up menu.

Why do your keyboard lights turn on?

For this purpose, hold the function (Fn) key and hit the Spacebar once which is placed the keyboard icon on its left side. Now, hit the F12 key. Furthermore, press the F5 key. And press the key with the backlight sign on it.

How do you get your keyboard to light up again?

To light up the keyboard, a simple key press F5, F9, or F11, or a dual-action Fn + F5, F9, or F11 key press.

Why did your keyboard light turn off?

Because it is normal for a keypad backlight to turn off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.

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In this article, you have learned how to fix the keyboard backlight not working MacBook Pro issue. Some fixes for the keyboard backlight are below 

  • First, reboot MacBook
  • Check the MacBook light sensor.
  • Adjust keyboard brightness in low light.
  • Adjust keyboard brightness.

Also, why is your MacBook Pro backlight not working? Also, that article will vanish all your worries regarding the Mac keyboard backlight. Now you have got to know what solution you have to apply and why it’s not working.

Pro Tip: You can manually adjust your keyboard brightness to fix the MacBook keyboard backlight.

But if you are stuck or your problem isn’t solved yet, write it in the comment section and we will help you out by writing a new article.


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