Lionel Messi’s Net Worth Forbes isn’t Telling you Right

Lionel Messi Net Worth 2022: He is both Captions of the Argentina National Team and the La Liga club Barcelona.

Lionel Messi Life Story and Net Worth

He was born in Argentina, he belonged to a poor family his father was a mother was a part-time cleaner. Despite all the hardness of poor life he still grew up with Love and Support. He was so passionate about football in his early life that he started playing Football.

Messi’s life story is very motivated, he was very close to his grandmother. When she died he was in so much pain that he quit football.  His father forces him to play so he started playing at 8 and Newell old boys club. 

Life History of Lionel Messi

This time he was so determined and motivated that he wants to make his grandmother proud. He dreamed of playing football at the international level and wants to become a professional.

Soon he realized that he had a disease called growth hormone deficiency which means he was unable to grow up more unless he received a special treatment which was worth $9000 per month.

Messi’s life story is so sad initially that he had to give up his dream due to his medical condition, and now his family couldn’t afford to treat his disorder. Despite all that, his love to play football was limitless.

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The club he was playing for didn’t give him any loan either, but his gifts and abilities as a football player were so rare and undeniable that the club started noticing him. At first, he was rejected from the club but soon the parents received an offer from the coach of FC Barcelona. He gave him a trial to see his talent, 

If he passed the test, the club would pay him a medical bill but he needed to leave his homeland and move to Spain. Messi passed the trail and moved to Spain.

His teammates were so surprised to see a short-leg boy playing alongside them. Soon they were blown away to see his talent. He was born to play football. 

The coach of FC Barcelona was also witnessing Messi’s talent and so he gave him an offer that changed his life forever. 

According to Messi, the couch wrote the offer on the napkin that he had in his pocket. So yeah his first FC Barcelona offer was written on a napkin. Till today he spends his entire career with Barcelona.

Lionel Messi net worth

Now he is considered the World’s best player. He is a gold machine. At the age of 22, he won the prestigious FIFI world cup award. He is a 4-time ballon d’Or award winner and 2-time Nominee and records 6 European Golden Shoes. Today his salary is 71 million EUR. (2021)

According to a report, The Argentine has won the Champions League four times with FC Barcelona.


Soo many lessons we can learn from the life history of lionel Messi. A child who suffers from the growth hormone deficiency, despite the poor condition of his family, and all the rejection he faced he was determined to achieve his goals. 

So what is the secret to his success? The truth is “there is no secret,” you need to work on yourself every day. His success did not come by luck and accident. 

You have to fight to reach your dreams. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it. 

I start early and stay late days after day, years after years, It took me 17 years and 141 days to become an overnight success.

-Lionel Messi


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