How to fix the MacBook Pro Trackpad Not Clicking Issue in 2022?

MacBook Pro is truly a pro device from its design to its software, but a  problem we are watching around is that the MacBook Pro trackpad is not clicking.

MacBook Pro trackpad issue,

Although Apple claims that their trackpad can bear up to 1,000,000 clicks per cycle but if you are having an unlucky day your trackpad is also not clicking, then don’t panic at the first go .. relax we have got some solutions for you.

MacBook Pro trackpad, not clicking can be a hardware problem but mostly it is not and it can be solved on your own, let’s go and see what are the reasons behind them and their solution.

Before going to solutions we should first understand what might be the causes behind it. Software problems are easier to solve because they can be solved on your own.

How to fix the MacBook Pro trackpad not clicking?

Some solutions to this are:

Update macOS:

Updating your device can help solve many problems in MacBook pro follow the steps below to update your device.

First click on the apple logo on top of your drive

Select system preferences and then see the updates.

 Running apple diagnostic 

By doing apple diagnostic you can completely make your MacBook free of errors, you can simply do this by 

  • Shut down your MacBook by the D button,
  • Then, select the language you prefer and run the diagnosis.

Reinstall mac os if your MacBook pro trackpad is not clicking

To reinstall macOS turn off your MacBook, run command R, press and hold it, and select reinstall macOS from the recovery prompt.

Delete plist files

Plist files are system preference files but if they become corrupted they can alter the working of the trackpad on MacBook pro 

To delete these open ‘go to folder’ from finder and then type library/preferences and scroll down to com. apple.system preferences.plist delete them.

Revert trackpad settings to default.

Sometimes you change some settings of the trackpad to suit you but they may cause the problem so do change them to the original that might help if your trackpad is not working on MacBook pro . to do this 

Go to system preferences and then trackpad from there revert the scroll directions to original and unselect ‘tap to select.

Disable force click:

There are two types of interaction your MacBook touchpad allows you. One is a force click and the second is a tap to click.

The main difference between these two is that force click wants you to press the touchpad until you feel a click whereas tap click just needs a tap on the touchpad. If you disable the force click that might help you, to disable it:

  •  Select the Apple logo at the top left corner of the Mac menu bar
  • Then opt for “System Preferences”
  • Then Select “Trackpad”
  • Under the heading of  “Point & Click”, toggle off the “Force Click and haptic feedback”.

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Frequently asked questions about MacBook Pro trackpad not clicking

Why isn’t my MacBook Pro trackpad not clicking?

Because you might be using an older version of macOS ar there might be any app working as the culprit behind it.

How do you force-click on your MacBook?

By clicking it and then applying pressure on 

What is silent clicking on MacBook?

A silent click that makes the trackpad silent when you click it.

Is there any pressure sensitivity on the MacBook pro trackpad?

Yes, the trackpad is force sensitive it can tell you how forcefully you are pressing it.


If your MacBook Pro trackpad is not clicking don’t panic and go to the repair shop it can also be a software problem that can be solved by you above given are some simple steps you can do.

  • You may update ios
  • Run apple diagnostic
  • Disable force click etc

Do tell us if it was useful for you or if you have any queries.


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