How to Fix Messenger not Working on iPhone issue in 2022?

Messenger not Working on iPhone; Are you an iPhone user? You will definitely have facebook and messenger in it. But there are lots of new features in messenger. So some of its features are extremely heavy so it is facing some drawbacks. But still, if you fix those issues it will work properly.

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Fix messenger not working on iPhone issue

I’ve also been using messenger for 5 years and I have lots of knowledge about all of its features. So here I’m to serve you with this issue. I have heard that lots of people are facing lots of issues with messenger and Facebook that are not working properly.

So here in this blog, you will get all the information related to messenger not working on iPhone properly. Don’t miss an article if you are facing the same issue because this is a complete guide to fixing the bug or any type of issue with many different methods.

Method 1

If your messenger is not working on your iPhone there is the first method that you can try on it to make it work. Moreover, this method is the most common, and almost all the issues are fixed by just using this method. Let’s check out the details.

Force stop or Messenger server outage

If you are facing the problem of messenger not working on an iPhone. Firstly you can go to the app just make it force stop. This process will clean all the undesirable or bad data from your app and make it clean again so that it can run easily.

iPhone storage, settings,

If you are having an issue with Facebook messenger you can use this option instead. This is also a very useful method that can help your messenger to run freely. All you need to do is check the settings of your Facebook. This may be due to down service. Facebook settings contain a dow detector and you will get information on any issue from that option.


If the issue is the same, uninstall the app and reinstall it. When you install it it will become updated and no issue will occur. But if you don’t want to uninstall it you can clear all the cache data or useless data to make it light and work properly.

Method 2

If your app is still not working then check out your smartphone. Maybe it is due to your smartphone. Below are some methods to solve the issue with your smartphone. So if the upper methods do not go well try out these methods. 

Restarting your phone or resting the network

Facebook messenger not working on iPhone can also be due to any issue in your smartphone so for solving this problem you have to restart your smartphone. You just have to long press the side button and then select the option of the restart.  There are so many possibilities that it will work.

Maybe your messenger is not working on the iPhone because of an internet issue. You can fix this issue by changing your network setting. All you need to do is go to the option of setting in your phone and then select network and select the alternative network.

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Frequently asked questions about messenger not working on iPhone

Can I solve the messenger not working on the iPhone issue?

Yes, there are various methods to solve this problem

Why sometimes does messenger not show messages on the iPhone?

There are so many reasons. One of the most common reasons is due to the down service of Facebook or heavy use of messenger

How can I report an issue with Facebook messenger easily?

If you face any terrible issue you can report it to Facebook messenger by tapping on the right top corner of the profile icon and scrolling down and then selecting the problem type and then filling out a form to explain your problems and submit it.


In a nutshell, this issue has lots of solutions. Just select the most preferable or the solution that works for you, you can select multiple methods because the problem is not the same for everyone. 

Pro tip: you can also install a third-party app nicTool Umenit if you have a serious problem while using messenger.

Finally, you are done with all the methods. If you want to learn more just put a thumbs up in the comment section. See you in the next blog


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