Watch NBC on Samsung Smart TV: How to use, Complete Streaming Details 2022

NBC on Samsung TV: Generally, in recent smart TVs, different apps have been pre-installed. You did not need to reinstall this app. If you find any app which is not available you need to install this app by clicking here. There is an intelligent Hub that contains that App.

NBC on Samsung TV:

If the app is compatible with your Samsung TV model then you can install it. For instance, you can install NBC on Samsung TV and watch your favorite content.

What Is NBC?

NBC is a streaming app. You can stream your favorite shows and other content.  In the library of the NBC App, you find hundreds of shows and movies. You can get access to old classic movies and old TV shows with this streaming service.

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Recently, NBC launched the App for smart TV. You can install the app from the Samsung Smart Hub.NBC app also gives you the service to download the episodes of your favorite content and watch them later in offline mode.

It will give you all fresh and recent episodes as it is on air on the TV and very next day, available on the app. This app has a user-friendly interface. This app only requires the subscription of the TV provider.

What are the Features of The NBC App?

You should also know about the features of the app. Following are some features of the App:

  • You can stream free live and on-demand content
  • This app is compatible with various devices
  • You can also get updates on your favorite messages

How to Install NBC On Samsung TV?

You can install the app on Samsung smart TV very easily. It is a simple task to get the app on Samsung tv. 

Install NBC On Samsung TV

If you want to install the NBC on Samsung TV then you can follow the below instructions.

  • Turn on the Samsung TV and Connect with the Wifi
  • Go to the Smart Hub on Samsung Tv and Click on the search option
  • Type the NBC App and Click to install the App
  • After the installation is complete, open that app and Copy the Activation Code which Shows on the Screen
  • From your Mobile browser or PC go to the official website of the app
  • Select the service provider and enter the Code
  • Tap on the Activate Button And confirm it

You can see a pop-up message on the screen, this indicates that you have completed the process. Now you can watch the NBC App content on your Samsung TV.

How to watch NBC on Samsung TV via Screen mirroring?

If your device or smart tv will not be compatible with the App. in this situation, you can use alternative ways. You need to add the Smartthings app and watch with screen mirroring.

  • From your, Smartphone go to the Google Play Store 
  • Install the Smartthings and NBC app
  • After the installation is complete open the smart things app
  • Click to Add Devices
  • Select the Samsung TV and type the PIN
  • Now Open the NBC App and sign in with your TV provider
  • Now Select any content and watch the smartphone screen on your Samsung TV

In this way, you can also get the NBC App on TV. This method also helps to watch the App when it is not compatible with your device.

IS NBC Free available on the Samsung TV?

Yes, NBC is available on the Smart TV. It is free of cost. You did not pay anything. And, you can watch your favorite content on the smart TV.

Can I Watch NBC Live on Peacock?

Yes, the Peacock is offered by the NBC Network. You can watch the NBC Content on peacock streaming services. You can watch this streaming service on Samsung TV. However, You can install it and watch the content there are many other ways like screen mirroring or watching with Airplay.

Watch NBC Live on Peacock

How to watch NBC Sports On Samsung TV?

You can watch NBC sports on Samsung TV.  You need to follow the instructions:

  • From your, Samsung Remote go to the Smart Hub
  • Go to the search icon
  • Type the App name and search
  • After searching install the app
  • After the installation is complete launch the app
  • Sign and get the activation code
  • Using the activation code on the official website of the App
  • And, start watching the Content of NBC

Final Remarks

In this article, we assure you that you will get all the information to get the NBC app on Samsung TV. you learn all the processes very quickly. This is an effortless and easy task to get this app. You can usually get the app in two ways:

  • Install the NBC App from Smart Hub
  • Watch with Screen mirroring

However, you can use the second method when your device is not compatible with the app. In this way, you can easily watch the Content on your Samsung TV.


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