Now you Can have Peacock App on Samsung Smart TV: Read Ultimate Guide

Peacock App on Samsung TV: If you will find a streaming service that will provide you ad you can watch high-quality TV shows, movies, and other entertainment stuff. For this purpose, you need to add the Peacock TV app to your list.

Peacock App on Samsung TV

Peacock app can support many devices like Apple devices, Peacock TV Android TV, Roku, LG Devices, Vizio TV, and Xbox One. Peacock is not available for the Tizen OS used in Samsung smart TV. But there are some ways, with the help of this Peacock TV available on Samsung smart TV. Following ate the complete guideline for you.

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With the help of the Peacock App, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in high quality. You can watch Peacock App several shows, and movies, and also provide entertainment for the children.

What is Peacock Application?

Peacock is a streaming application that will provide the service to watch different shows and movies on it. This Streaming application is provided by NBC Universal. Installation of this application is very simple and easy.

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The peacock application is now available for Samsung TV.NBC launched this service for the first time in July 2020. Peacock applications provide their customer’s different subscriptions. You can watch it also free but with ads, but in other packages, you pay and watch without ads.

Following is the complete Guideline for you to watch Peacock App on Samsung TV.

Peacock Samsung

You can download the peacock app on your Samsung TV and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, cartoons, etc. When you are using the Peacock app on Samsung TV then you can enjoy your favorite Programs on the big screen.

As it is to your knowledge that the Peacock app works on Samsung TV. So, there are several ways that you can adopt the Peacock app on your Samsung TV.

Download Peacock App Directly on Samsung TV

This is the easiest way to download the Peacock app on your Samsung TV and you can watch your favorite shows. You can directly download the Peacock application. Following are the steps you can follow to download the app:

  • You need to sign up for Peacock App
  • Now go to the Home screen of your Samsung TV
  • Go to the app store and search for “Peacock”
  • Now add to the home for installing the app
  • When the installation process is complete then you need to enter the sign-in information.

All the procedure is complete now you can watch and enjoy your favorite shows.

Download the Peacock app through Airplay

It’s another way to get the Peacock app on Samsung TV if you are an iOS user. If Apple users want to watch the Peacock app shows then here is a way to download it through Airplay. Following are the different steps that you need to take:

  • First, confirm that you are subscribed to the Peacock app
  • You need to install the Peacock app on your iOS device.
  • Log in with your information
  • You can also confirm that both Samsung Tv and iOS devices are connected with the same wifi connection.
  • Now you can play the content which you want to watch from the Peacock app and select the Airplay icon.
  • You can choose your Samsung tv and it starts to display on your Samsung TV.

That‘s it, all the work is complete now you can watch the Peacock app with your iOS device on Samsung TV.

How to watch Peacock on Samsung TV

You will go to the app store and select the “Peacock app” on your Samsung tv. Now select “add to Home screen” to install the application. Once your installation is complete you can stream the peacock on Samsung TV.

When will Peacock be on Samsung TV?

The Peacock application is now available to be installed on the Samsung smart TV. You can easily install the Peacock app and watch your favorite shows.

Can not find Peacock on Samsung TV

Peacock application is just available on Samsung smart TV models which were released in 2017 and after this. Before this, no one of the Samsung TV models was compatible to install the Peacock app.

What Channel Peacock on Samsung TV

You can find more than 30 channels which are different types like sports, movies, TV shows, and news channels here.

Why isn’t Peacock on Samsung TV

Because it is not supported the models were released before 2017 as they are hardware limitations. So it is supported only by models which are released in 2017 and later.

Peacock on Samsung TV not working

If you noticed that the Peacock is not working on your Samsung Smart TV then you need to try cold booting your TV if the issue is resolved. For this purpose, you can press the down button and power button until your Samsung Tv completely turns off and back on again.

Is Peacock Samsung TV available in the UK?

No, it is not possible to use Peacock in the UK for this purpose you need a strong VPN whether you are using Android or Apple devices. First, you need a good VPV then proceed to the next step.

Features of the Peacock app

Here are some features of the Peacock app.

  • It is a parental control app
  • You can stream the Peacock up to 3 devices same time
  • When you are using the Peacock premium then you can download  offline shows
  • It does not provide the international access
  • You can enjoy the free content


In this article, you will be aware and get information about the peacock app and know how it is work on Samsung smart TV. You can also know about that if you can use Android and iOs, and how you can download it on both devices. The installation process is simple and easy. You can watch your TV programs after installing them on Samsung TV.


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