How to reset network settings on iPhone or iPad in 2022

Connectivity is one of the most important features in today’s world, consequently, everyone has a smartphone for the sake of connections but iOS users are questioning how to reset network settings on iPhones or iPad.

iPad on a Book,

On an iPhone or iPad, you may have problems connecting your Wi-Fi or cellular data. The simple solution to these is that you reset your network settings on your iPad or iPhone.

But keep in mind resetting network settings will solve your connectivity problem however they will erase any data stored like the password of your wifi etc.

Why should you straightforwardly reset network settings?

You have a problem connecting to your wifi or cellular data. Still, you do not know the reason behind it, so instead of looking and finding a difficult reason, in either event, you can simply reset the network setting on your iPad or iPhone which will erase all excess files.

How to reset network settings on an iPad or iPhone?

To reset network settings there are simple few steps to follow:

reseting network settings,
  1. Firstly, Go to settings and then touch on ‘general’.
  1. Scroll down and go to the end of the page there you will see  “Transfer or Reset iPhone” tap it.
  1.  At the bottom of this page, you will see ‘Reset’ and tap on it.
  1.  A dialogue box will open from there select reset network settings.
  2. If you use Pincode for your phone it will be required to enter the Pin Code.
  3. To confirm, tap on ‘ Reset network settings.

And you are done!

What will happen once I have reset network settings?

Because you have reset the settings on your iPad or iPhone this means all the passwords are deleted first, as a result, you will have to reconnect wifi by putting in a password, because it will delete all of your wireless Internet, local network connections, and paired devices from your iPhone.

This also includes all your usernames and passwords therefore you may need to sign in manually to wireless networks, VPN services, and cellular networks for 4G and 5G, whose access you may have previously.

To conclude, it will also remove any connections you may have made from your iPhone or iPad to wireless headphones or others.

Can I lose my data if I reset the network settings on my iPad or iPhone?

As a final point yes, you will lose the following:

  • All the saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords will be deleted.
  • All the stored VPN and APN information is removed.
  • Any Bluetooth device connected will be removed.
  • Cellular settings are reset to the default configuration.
  • The device name is restored to “iPhone”.

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Frequently asked questions:

Is it OK to reset network settings on the iPad?

Yes if you are having trouble connecting to wifi it will solve your problem.

How do I refresh network settings?

Go to setting >system>advanced>reset options > reset network settings

Why my iPhone is not connecting to wifi?

Some reasons may be restricted connection, poor signals, incorrect passwords in addition to that a heavy bulky phone case.

What should I do if my phone says no network connection?

Restart your phone.


To sum up, To reset your network connection you should keep in mind that your passwords will be lost and you can only do this by settings of your iPhone or iPad. No data will be lost from your apps just you need to do is reconnect your wifi and cellular network.


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