How To Screen Record Facetime In 2022?

    In 2022, everybody is moving in their hustle. Despite text messaging, people are using facetime more often. And sometimes you want to record your event to make it memorable. But, how can you screen record facetime?

    live facetime call on iPhone to iPad

    Apple device owners often prefer to record the video of their FaceTime Calls for personal or professional reasons. Mostly I use facetime recording for my speeches and it helps a lot. In this article, we will tell you how to screen record facetime and how it works step by step.

    Can You Record A Facetime Call With Sound?

    Yes, you can record FaceTime calls with sound. In that process, we will include third-party applications to perform the task. Following are the steps for recording FaceTime.

    iPhone screen recording option
    • Open the Control Center.
    • Now tap on the Screen Record.
    • You will see a Microphone icon here.
    • Touch the icon so that it says Microphone On.

    Now, it will start recording your FaceTime audio call. When you want to end the recording go to the Control Panel And click on the Screen Record icon again. The recording will end.

    Reasons why you can’t Screen Record Your FaceTime?

    Around the world, wiretapping laws occur. When you are calling on the phone or FaceTime with someone. Sometimes, the microphone is automatically disabled on the built-in screen recording.

    Can I Record My Screen With Audio And Video Call?

    Yes, you can record your screen with audio and video calls by following these steps.

    Steps to Record Screen with Audio and Video Call

    • Firstly, tap on your Settings icon.
    • Secondly, click on More Controls in the Control Center.
    • Then click on the Green Plus Button to add the Screen Recording function.
    • You can find the Record icon directly in the Control Center.
    • Lastly, Record Screen with audio and video.

    How can I record a FaceTime on Mac?

    Sometimes you don’t have your phone present and want FaceTime on your mac.No worries here are the following simple steps that you will follow and can record your facetime on MAC.

    screen record on MacBook
    1. From the Applications, click on QuickTime.
    2. You have to select a File before recording starts.
    3. Within QuickTime, select the down arrow Options besides the record button.
    4. Now, you have to select the MacBook Microphone.
    5. Select Quicktime Player from the File section.
    6. Click on the facetime app to start your call.
    7. Tap on QuickTime to record the entire screen.
    8. When you want to start the call, tap on the Record button.
    9. Click on the stop recording icon when you want to end the recording. Click Here for more about FACETIME

    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Screen Record Facetime?

    What to do if screen recording is muted?

    In this case, the volume of your system might be too low. Maybe it is too low by a third-party app during the screen recording. For that, you have to volume up your phone to become audible.

    Can you record FaceTime secretly?

    Yes, If you record the call using a built-in screen recorder.

    Can FaceTime be used by police?

    They are end-to-end encrypted. When the call is in transit between the devices, Apple has no way to decrypt FaceTime data. So, they cannot be used by police.

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    In this article, you have learned how you can screen record your facetime. Following are the simple steps to record your facetime

    • Open the Control Center.
    • Click on Screen Record(microphone icon will appear).
    • Tap the icon so that it says Microphone On.

    And what are the reasons why you can’t record your screen? I hope this article will be helpful for you in the future.

    Pro Tip: Always check your volume before FaceTime recording. It should be audible.

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